Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening — National Attention Deficit Edition, October 2, 2023


The big news this week is that half the world is mourning the recent passing of life-long Senator Diane Feinstien. The other half is suffering from the Mandela effect, as they had confused her with Ruth Bater-Ginsburg and thought she had died in 1989. While the mainstream media is doing its job distracting the world by endlessly reporting on the details of her 60 or so years in office, her handlers have assured us that she will continue to vote as she always has.


Dianne Feinstein, California’s longest serving U.S. senator, dies at 90




The Writers Guild of America strike has finally come to an end. Since everything out of Hollywood for the last three decades has been recycled garbage anyway, nobody else knew that there even was a writer’s strike. Luckily, the writers got everything they were demanding, including a tight rein on AI writing for them, particularly because the strike proved that no one can tell the difference between a Google search and a Jimmy Kimmel Fallon monologue.


Hollywood actors to resume negotiations with studios as writers’ strike wraps up




It’s a good thing that we have all these distractions from reality to take our attention off of silly things like China, Russia, and the United States digging new tunnels and building new facilities at their nuclear test sites. Hopefully the full-scale global cold war will cool down the current full-scale hot war in Ukraine.


World Powers Building New Facilities at Nuclear Test Sites




Canada’s blackface Dictator Trudeau had a banner week. First he beclowned himself by encouraging a standing ovation for an actual Nazi.


No, I swear, I am not making this up. His real papa would have been so proud.


Meanwhile, even the most mild mannered Canadians have had enough of Butt Busten’ Justin’s child grooming and have taken to the streets to let him know. Just like last time, he immediately froze all their assets and had authorities kidnap their children.


Trudeau calls praise for Nazi-linked veteran ‘deeply embarrassing’



Massive crowds of parents march in Canadian cities to protest Trudeau Liberals’ far-left gender indoctrination in schools




After disrespecting the meat eating vegan mayor of New York by actively avoiding him and ignoring his incessant whining about his now overflowing sanctuary city, King Brandon rubbed salt in Mayor Adams’s wounds by giving a speech in which he announced he’s going to encourage and facilitate STILL MORE millions of male, military-aged economic migrants invading the country.


New York Mayor Adams calls out Biden for not meeting with him, helping with migrant crisis


After sending busloads of migrants to NYC, Texas governor visits city to fault Biden for crisis




Speaking of dumb things the Cabbage in Chief has uttered this week, after saying that blacks and hispanics don’t have the capacity to graduate high school, Biden went on to heap praise on the Congressional Black Caucus…

…while speaking at the Hispanic Caucus. In his defense, he is on record saying that they all look the same to him.


Biden praises wrong group during speech at Congressional Hispanic Caucus’ annual gala




Like every intelligent lefty that has woken up long enough to start asking questions, the censorship machine is systematically taking down comedian turned social commentator Russell Brand using their favorite weapon: pound me too. Of course, no named victims have come forward, and he hasn’t even been indicted — but that won’t stand in their way. The British government itself demanded that he be silenced and/or demonetized on all social media platforms over mere allegations. Video platform Rumble was the only one with weighty enough cojones to tell them to bugger off.






The RNC opening act auditions went from pointless debates to silly circus within the first 5 minutes when Hillary Clinton fangirl Dana Perino opened the so-called debates by asking the candidates to write down who they believe should be “voted off the island.”


I swear, I am not making this up.


The game show went from Survivor to Family Feud as the contestants yelled over the top of one another incessantly until Chris Christie, another Hillary fan girl, recycled one of her jokes. The uncomfortable silence that followed was the best part of the entire debate.


Every analyst, even Hairspray Hitler Gavin Newsome, agreed that Trump won the debate simply by not being present. Democrats swiftly filed a twelfth indictment, citing “non-insurrection of a sideshow.”


Hillary Clinton Knew About Donald Duck Stunt But Never Broke Law, Campaign Says


Project Veritas video: Democratic operative says Hillary Clinton wanted ‘Donald Duck’ to stalk Trump

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  1. JoAnn Leichliter October 28, 2023 at 3:40 am

    Best news outlet in the country strikes again!

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