We Stand.


History of Palestine

TDSer of the Week…

Return Winner Robert De Niro!

Years after presidency, Donald Trump is still living rent-free in Robert De Niro’s head

Holy Crap

Joe Biden’s Chin, Talib’s Chagrin, and so much other stuff, I don’t know where to begin.

News of the Weird and Wonderful

More weird than wonderful

Best Headline of the week…or at least of our show.

It Has Come To Our Attention That The Toyota Butt Plug Is Actually A Pear-Shaped Boiling Flask



Once harassed by police, lowriders can cruise across California under a new law


Mr. Ranger isn’t gonna like that, Yogi.

Barbecue-crashing bear eats 10 burgers, drinks Diet Coke

I’m not about to blow it now..

CT officials say 30 cows that survived crash on I-84 ‘doing well,’ cleared to be taken to Ohio

More wonderful than weird

A real hero.

Teenager who survived critical burns made honorary police officer


Amazing, indeed.

‘Amazing’: Couple Shocked to Discover Pristine 172-Year-Old Bible Amid Mold, Rain Damage Embark on Powerful Mission to Find Owner

Story of the week…

‘Please write me,’ she scribbled on a random egg in 1951. Someone just did.


Smokey the ‘Coors Field Cat’ raises $10K after finding new home

New Starcucks Ad

What happens when a union supports Hamas (or frankly, any other cause not related to the trade…)

Florida Man

Florida Man Threatens Sheriff’s Helicopter Crew Over Noise Pollution


Florida man charged with assaulting 103-year-old grandmother, claims she ‘came at’ him


Florida Man Breaks Into Clearwater Home, Steals Toolbox, Tools and WEDDING DRESS


Nothin’ to see here, fellas…

Florida Man Puts Up Sign Outside House Saying He ‘Does Not Live Here’ and Hides in Chest to Dodge Arrest


News of the Wonderfuller

How This Animal Shelter Is Saving the Lives of Dogs Amidst Conflict

Their Insta


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