Boo! 2023 Spooktacular



Matthew Perry

Richard Mull

Richard Roundtree

TDSer of the Week…



Here’s Why Cher Is Ready To ‘Leave’ the United States if Donald Trump Is Re-Elected as the President

News of the Weird and Wonderful


This is a joint presentation of Weird and Wonderful and Florida Man!

Florida Man Olympics

More weird than wonderful

A kick to the…hey now!

L.L. Bean Bootmobile meets Planters Nutmobile in corporate crossover


When fake news gets real

Mice spotted scurrying across hotel room during Nurse Blake’s interview with WGN


Goodwill towrds men?

Goodwill evacuated after live ‘cluster bomblet’ found among donations



Drought in Brazil’s Amazon reveals ancient engravings


OK, then.

You’ve been blowing your nose all wrong – here’s how doctors say you SHOULD do it

More wonderful than weird

Dogs Find Joy ‘For the First Time’ After Rescue From Horrendous Conditions


Hero of thwe Week

Employee at Lexington Wendy’s saves customer’s life using CPR


Hope for the future

14-yr-old Virginia boy earns major prize, accolades for creating cancer-fighting soap

This is Why we Can’t Have Nice things

Nothing to see here…

A victim of Jeffrey Epstein, she testified against Ghislaine Maxwell. Now she’s dead


I scream. you scream…

Man found sleeping inside ceiling of convenience store giving shop owners fright


State trooper faces charges of assaulting ex-girlfriend and improperly having her committed


Sounds like a lot of  bull

Tanks of cattle semen stolen near Clogher


“But you don’t see the good side of it…”

19-year-old admits he’s the guy seen sucker-punching people at Houston-area park


‘Killer clown’ stalking village weeks before Halloween leaving residents terrified


Florida Man

Actual Florida Man

Naked, greased-up Florida man accused of breaking into 2 homes, jumping in pool

Salt Lake City – but honorary Florida Man

Man used machete on skateboarder he thought was a fish

News of the Wonderfuller


Dog of War Finds Loving New Home After Cheating Death Twice in Ukraine Devastation, Thanks to British Charity

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