Clocking In

Welcome to the show.

We double up on the Holy Crap segments and Slumlord University sketches, and discuss the ongoing stupidity that is Daylight Savings Time!
All this, plus, news of the weird, wonderful, and wicked.


AKA The History of a Really Stupid Idea.

History of Daylight Saving Time (DST)

Review of the new single by The Beatles. (Not something we would have imagined saying in 2023.)

TDSer of the Week…or is he?

Voldemort Zelensky

Zelensky calls for more U.S. aid, challenges Trump to ‘end war’

Holy Crap!

We Double the Chuck tonight, with the Halloween and November 5 Editions.

News of the Weird and Wonderful

Sweet Story

A Florida boy called 911 without an emergency. Instead, he just wanted to hug an officer

This is the kind of neghborhood we want to live in,

Missing Halloween for heart surgery: Neighbors throw early trick-or-treat surprise for 4-year-old girl

No idea how he got there…no one’s telling us. Still, great job!

Dramatic Video Shows Police Save Farmer Buried In Mountain Of Grain In Silo

This is Why we Can’t Have Nice things

Look, Margaret! A Ruby Breasted Givea****!

Nearly 80 bird species names with racist roots are about to be changed


Man arrested for ramming car through gate at S.C. nuclear power plant

Get the lead out!

More fruit pouches for kids are recalled due to illnesses linked to lead

Jim says he should know better. Melanie doesn’t think it’s a big deal. You decide.

Croatian foreign minister sparks controversy by making attempt to kiss German peer

Slumlord University

Tonight, “The Perfesser” gives us two classes for the price of none: The Magic of Debris and The Wonders of the Month-to-Month Lease. Please keep in mind as you (hopefully) laugh at this stuff: These are all based on real events that your hosts have been subjected to over the years, individually and as a couple.

News of the Wonderfuller

Caregiver saves 95-year-old from Hamas terrorist with bribe

Colleyville TX 5th graders combine allowances, donations to help classmate see in color: “My friends are true”

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