End of 2023 & The Move from Hell


Happy New Year! Welcome to the show.

Greetings ftom the brand-stinking-new CCW Entertainment Complex!!

You may be asking, where in Blazes have you guys been? We have been struggling to get online after a series of mishaps, including the Move From Hell. Want to find out more? Hust listen…


The Move From Hell!

Getting caught up…

Darryl Hall sues John Oates

Norman Lear and Tommy Smothers dead


TDSer of the Week…

The Supreme Court of Colorado & Maine


News of the Weird and Wonderful

More weird than wonderful

Astronauts Aboard ISS Find Lost Tomato Missing for 8 Months

Rare mushroom that hisses only blooms in Japan — and this U.S. state


More wonderful than weird

Never should have left.

Cursive Is Coming Back


Good news; stupid headline

Anti-aging drug for dogs from San Francisco firm moves closer to gaining FDA approval

This is Why we Can’t Have Nice things

News of the weird and ironic

Bear Mauls Eco-Activist Who was Trying to Prove Bears Had Abandoned Their Habitat Due to Deforestation in Poland

Ya don’r say…

Higher Incidence of COVID-19 Found Among Consistent Mask-Wearers

Cow-Chicka Wow-Wow…

Farmers reveal how they caught perv bonking cow before getting ‘trampled’ by its pals

Welcome to the New Abnormal

And to think we got each other Kindles for Christmas!

Report: Amazon Used Secret Technology to Manipulate Prices, Undermine Competition


Florida Man

Driver of ‘Booty Patrol’ truck that resembled Border Patrol is cited in Florida

News of the Wonderfuller

Their tradition continues!

8 years ago a grandma accidentally texted a young man she didn’t know about Thanksgiving. They’ve gone from strangers to family to business partners


This Texas woman divorced her husband to become his guardian. Now she cares for him — with her new husband

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