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We had a dream of working internet. Instead, this one is pre-recorded.



Martin Luther King’s Conservative Legacy

FBI’s MLK Jr. Tweet Gets Truly Epic Community Note

The FBI thinks it’s people

MLK’s Wife Coretta Scott King: Illegal Immigration Drives Down Wages, Living Standards for America’s Working Class

DeSantis presented with participation trophy in Iowa: ‘We’re proud of you for trying’

Haley supporters predict outcome of Iowa caucuses, reveal who they refuse to support as GOP nominee


News of the Weird and Wonderful

More weird than wonderful

A woman bought a vintage dress at an antique store. It had a secret pocket with a mysterious note

Bear Steals $45 Taco Bell Delivery from Florida Family’s Porch — And Comes Back for the Drinks

More wonderful than weird

Hero Husky Dog ‘Saved Our Block’ After Detecting Gas Leak that Could’ve Led to an ‘Explosion’

This golden retriever is nursing 3 African painted dog pups at a zoo because their own mother wouldn’t care for them


Poetry Corner

Wolf’s latest opus, “Don’t Let the Orange Man Speak.”

This is Why we Can’t Have Nice things

There are still rolling potential death traps on America’s roads

Man sues women in ‘Are We Dating the Same Guy?’ Facebook group over negative reviews about him

News of the Wonderfuller

US Air Force Officer Takes The Crown As Miss America 2024

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