Wishful Thinking

Welcome to the show.

We are still not live, but we soon will be…we hope. In the meantime, from Ranch dressing-flavored lip balm to naked cannonballers, we’ve got your news and entrtainment fix right here!


Ron DeSantis drops out and endorses Trump

Alec Baldwin faces new indictment for RUST shooting

TDSer of the Week…

We love Hunter High!

Sign At Jill Biden Event Gets Attention

News of the Weird and Wonderful

More weird than wonderful

The Burt’s Bees ranch-flavored lip balm is already sold out

Tidy Welsh Mouse caught on tape cleaning man’s shed every night

Now that the frogs are all gay, they’re turning the pansies, too

Flowers are evolving to self-pollinate as insect numbers drop

We’ve reported on this before; it’s funny that they have to remind folks every year.

Parks Canada urges drivers not to let moose lick their cars

More wonderful than weird

4 men thanked by Japan police for saving man and his Chihuahua from winter sea

This is Why we Can’t Have Nice things

Retired teacher’s pension stopped as provider refuses to believe she is not dead

What’s sad is that TikTokers did this on purpose

3 people mistakenly eat laundry detergent in Taiwan election giveaway gone awry

Naked man nabbed by police after ‘cannonball’ plunge into giant aquarium at Bass Pro Shop in Alabama

Florida man had to pay $1,000 to get back his own stolen property

Florida Man

In honor of the ultimate Florida man stepping down from the presidency race, we offer up a special segment of FLORIDA MAN!

60-foot-deep sinkhole opens in front of Polk County home

Heading to Florida Man

Man tried to get flight attendants to join ‘mile high club’ on Spirit flight to Orlando

Heading from Florida Man

Florida man gets 6-year prison sentence after pledging support to ISIS

Sleepless in Florida Man

Codeine, Four Loko found in car of Florida man who fell asleep at stop sign

Florida man upset with Subway order charged with battery after hurling sandwich at employee

Crab leg caper: Florida man stole shellfish valued at over $400

Florida man with underwear around his neck accused of prowling in same yard as reported bonsai tree theft

Florida man throws beer can, fires AR-15 rifle after being upset by drivers speeding in his neighborhood

If you’re trafficking drugs in a stolen car, best you watch the speed limit.

Florida man speeding through Kissimmee in stolen Mercedes had 15,000 fentanyl pills on him

As much as I hate Mother Jones, gotta give ‘em props for this headline:

Florida Man Facing 91 Criminal Counts Wins Iowa Caucuses

Let’s end with a “good” Florida man

Death-free taxidermy: Florida man using new method to mount memories

News of the Wonderfuller

Four People Are Forever Connected Through An Act Of Kindness

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