Come Hell or High Water


Five Missing Marines in California Declared Dead

Love these guys: Homer Police Department schools you on turn signals

Cop acorn

News of the Weird and Wonderful

More weird than wonderful

1,000 Manatees Converge on Florida State Park to Keep Warm in Record-Breaking Sighting

Wolves in the Chernobyl radiation zone developing resistance to cancer, says study

More wonderful than weird

Paul McCartney’s stolen Beatles bass guitar found after 51 years

Boy Whose IQ is the Same as Einstein Joins Mensa to Make Some Friends

Sea Otters Returned to a Degraded Coastline Ate Enough Crabs to Restore Balance and Cut Erosion by 90%

Newborn ‘Miracle’ Bunny Survives After Hit And Run Kills Her Mom And Littermates

This is Why we Can’t Have Nice things

Mount Everest ‘stinks of poo’ as climbers turn world’s highest mountain into ‘open toilet’

Cuba Reels from Massive Chicken Heist: 133 Tons Vanish in Unprecedented Crime

Parents fuming after Montreal-area teacher allegedly lists students’ art for sale online

Connecticut church pastor accused of selling meth out of rectory

Watch: ScrewTube will either boot us or give us a strike

Moderna Scientists Warn mRNA Vaccines Carry Toxicity Risks



Dying Aviator Gets Final Tribute With Smiley Face Drawn in Sky Over Hospice

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