Connectivity Issues?


US airman sets himself on fire outside Israeli Embassy in Washington

It won’t work, but I’m rooting for them. This is a better idea than heading to the border

NYC faces complete shutdown as truckers threaten to paralyse state, ‘New Yorkers must stock up’

Rabbi Fined For Hosting Religious Gatherings at Home Fights Back


TDSer of the Week…

Judge Engeron. (See NYC article above.)

News of the Weird and Wonderful

More weird than wonderful

The Denver Zoo didn’t know who the father of a baby orangutan was. They called in Maury Povich to deliver the paternity test results.

More wonderful than weird

Maryland couple attend record-breaking 135 concerts in one year

Missing Scottish Highland Games trophy found after nearly a century

They met on a dating app and realized they were born on same day at same hospital. And that’s not where their similarities end.

This is Why we Can’t Have Nice things

How did we miss this one when it came out?

Italian hospital employee accused of skipping work for 15 years

How a severed leg ended up on subway tracks in the Bronx

Honorary Florida Man (can’t say I blame him)

Ammo and bacon: Wanted man arrested at Blair County Walmart for theft

Dover man jailed for stealing church lectern worth thousands and gifted to St John the Evangelist in Kingsdown more than century ago

Wait, How Many?


Welcome to the New Abnormal


Colorado Narrowly Misses New Tax on Every Pet Animal Owned

90-year-old volunteer forced out of nonprofit group for not understanding ‘required’ pronouns

They want a slave class, and they’re getting it

First Boston suburbanites house migrants in their homes, Dem urges ‘everybody should be opening their doors’

Florida Man

Florida Man Films Himself Eating Raw Chicken

At the Florida Man Games, big crowds cheer competitors evading police, wrestling over beer



An Uber driver bought church clothes for a fast food worker who couldn’t afford it. THIS IS MY AMERICA.

Uber driver surprises fast food worker with new clothes after hearing about her struggles

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