Our anniversary extravaganza

Jim’s ministry

…Maybe JESUS?

Mary had a little lamb, and it was God.

News of the Weird and Wonderful

More weird than wonderful

People are incredulous that an ordinary house in rural Montana is on the market for over $1 million

Welsh man breaks world record with 69 rabbit tattoos

CBP dog sniffs out something unusual in passenger’s luggage — mummified monkeys

More wonderful than weird

The exact right person at the exact right time

Rescue crews pull driver from semitruck hanging over Ohio River after collision on the 2nd Street Bridge

Zookeeper Attacked By Crocodile, Brave Visitor Rushes in to Help


This is Why we Can’t Have Nice things

Hardcore band Llorona dumps singer for trying to drug bandmate with estrogen in bizarre plot to ‘steal his fiancée’

Expectations: Unmanaged

United Airlines Reportedly Grounds Brand New Airbus A321neo Aircraft Because Pilots Can’t Turn Off the ‘No Smoking’ Signs

Welcome to the New Abnormal

Kellogg CEO under fire for suggesting cereal as a money-saving dinner


She wanted a space for her son, who has autism, to explore nature. So, she created a whimsical fairy forest.

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