Holy Crap Special Report – SOTU 2024

The big news this week is the absolute trainwreck that was the — now thricely – self-plagiarized repeat of the State of the Union Address. The Child Trafficker in Chief was so hopped up on a cocktail of adderall and lies that he looked and sounded even more demented than usual.

Thanks to fields of protesters, he was late to his own SOTU, but you won’t hear about that.

A massive cyber attack took out multiple government websites during the event, but you won’t hear about that.

Grieving Gold Star father, Steve Nikoui, whose Marine son was killed due Biden’s disgraceful handling of Afghanistan, was arrested and removed, but you won’t hear about that.

What you will hear, ad nauseum, is that Democrats declared his speech a total victory, given he almost strung together three coherent words in a row and didn’t croak in the middle of it. They called him “fiery” — but kept dropping the word “dumpster.”

On top of his fabricated statistics on crime and the economy — that are easily debunked by simply living in the country — Biden openly threatened the Supreme Court for doing its job, repeated both the Russian collusion and insurrection hoaxes as part of his campaign stumping, and then mangled Laken Riley’s name after being heckled into talking about her and his open-arms invitation to her murderer. He, of course, blamed Republicans for not sending enough money to Ukraine to prevent her death.

The next day he went on to APOLOGIZE to the vicious monster for calling him an “illegal” immigrant instead of “undocumented.” Lord knows, we’ve got to show terrorists more respect than their victims.

For CCW News, this has been Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening.

I’m Chuck U. Farley.

Good night, and may God help you, God help me, and may God help the United States of America.



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