Dog Days of Spring


Fundraiser for Billy Redden, Duelin’ Banjos banjo boy

…Maybe JESUS?

Butterflies (reborn)

His eye is on the sparrow
Sparrows eat caterpillars
This is my body…
Ancient Greeks saw butterflies as representing the human soul


News of the Weird and Wonderful

More weird than wonderful

Not enough NOPE in the world.

New anaconda species said to be largest ever found during filming of Will Smith docuseries

A man walking his dog found a rare intact dinosaur skeleton

Canadian ‘influencer dog’ travels the world, lives luxurious life with 75-piece wardrobe worth $2,500


More wonderful than weird

A dog ran a mile to her doggy day care for help after a car crash

A runner saw a dog stuck near a 1,000-foot cliff. He carried her down.

Chance Lunch Delivery Leads to Dog Adoption at Virginia Shelter

Death of Jon Stewart’s dog prompts flood of donations to animal shelter


This is Why we Can’t Have Nice things

Man’s pet dog ‘bites off penis and eats it’ in horrifying ordeal

US citizen arrested crossing border back into America from Mexico in taxi with $130,000 of fentanyl

MSP to pay $475K after barring disabled Michiganders at Americans with Disabilities event

Driver deliberately crashed into cars he thought were being badly driven

Texas mother arrested and accused of mixing drink that sent son’s classmate to hospital

Welcome to the New Abnormal

CNN Refuses to Air Ad Blaming Joe Biden’s Border Policies for Laken Riley’s Murder

The Saga of the Harley

If only we’d had 18 grand to drop…

Florida Man

Terrible story, but happy ending

Bystanders fight Florida man accused of whipping dog with chain outside Deltona gas station

Florida man accused of posing as drug cartel captive, extorting $80,000 from wife to support his drug habit



Freaky Fate Finds Man Seated Next to His Doppelganger—And They Have the Same Names, Hobbies, and Hometowns

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