Holy Crap, This Bloodbath is Actually Happening! (Special Report)

At an Ohio campaign rally, President Donald Trump spoke out against China’s propensity to manufacture automobiles in Mexico and sell them to the US, undercutting domestic manufacturing and jobs. Since the Biden cabal hasn’t met a terrorist regime it doesn’t support, they’ll continue to welcome this practice with open arms, even as US citizens lose their homes and starve.

Trump announced he’d go a different route, imposing a 100% tariff on China and their Mexican-made cars to discourage such trade. He said that if he isn’t reelected, Biden’s policies will persist, leading to a bloodbath in domestic automobile manufacturing.

The term “bloodbath,” according to Merriam Webster, means “a major economic disaster.” Democrats use this term often. But, apparently, it’s only OK when they’re doing it.

The Mockingbird Press quickly went into action, cutting five incriminating seconds out of the over one-hour speech, and proclaiming that they suddenly had no idea what the term meant, even though they, themselves, are on video using it multiple times in the past to define either economic or electoral disasters. You see, it’s OK when they’re doing it.

No, this time the word “bloodbath” magically meant that Trump, who has literally NEVER called for any type of political violence, was “dog-whistling” for such, the likes of which we have not seen since the “Summer of Love” — but it would be so much worse because it’s only OK when they’re doing it.

On X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, the community notes crew quickly got to work showing the term in context and explaining the ridiculous, desperate hoax for what it was.

Democrats and the lapdog Press doubled down, redefined, and circled back as they played the two to three second edits and engaged in mindreading that even the Amazing Kreskin would find impressive (if a word of it were true).

They then breathlessly tied that lie to both the “fine people” and insurrection hoaxes.

Again, the community notes blasted them out of the water with in-context video, proving their newest talking point is just another manipulative hoax.

Now all mainstream outlets are saying the word “hoax” itself is a Republican trigger word — because (say it with me folks) it’s only OK when THEY’RE doing it.

This, of course, is coming from the same vultures that for the last three and a half years have been desperately repeating the Nazi propaganda term, “Big Lie” to shut down anyone who questions their shady dealings.


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