Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening — High Penalty Edition, March 28, 2024


The big news this week is, if course, the due date of the arbitrarily assigned 8th Amendment-violating $454 million fine for Trump’s victimless non-crime of supposedly overvaluing his properties for loans that have long since been paid off, in full, on time, making every party happy.

Remember, folks, there was no actual trial, so he was literally found guilty of nothing.

In a last-second hail Mary on Monday, the appeals court managed to knock it down to a slightly less obscene $175 million and gave him a generous 10 days to come up with THAT amount. Trump haters and mainstream media, but I repeat myself, absolutely lost their minds, saying that Trump was getting “special treatment.”

This is true, as he is being prosecuted strictly for political reasons for practices that every other investor alive or dead has engaged in, but no other has faced charges for.

Should all real estate investors be treated the same, New York City would go completely bankrupt in a day.

Appeals court lowers Trump’s civil fraud bond to $175 million

No, Donald Trump was not criminally prosecuted for taking out, repaying loan

Trump’s properties could be seized if $454 million civil fraud debt not paid, warns NY AG James

Major investors pull business from New York City following Trump verdict




Trump isn’t too worried, though, as it will all most likely go away on appeal to higher courts, assuming there’s any honest judges left. Meanwhile, it looks like he’s got the dough.

While it doesn’t translate into instantly available cash, Truth Social went public this week and immediately became so popular that they had to shut down trading for a while. Lefties are so upset at its success that they’re calling it a meme stock, mainly because the Left can’t meme.

Trump Media Company Stock Price Skyrockets in First Day of Public Trading

What to Know About Trump’s High-Flying Stock Debut

Truth Social’s public debut puts ‘all other meme stocks to shame,’ veteran analyst says




If campaign contributions or buying stock isn’t up your alley, perhaps you could consider buying a Trump Bible. Yes, Trump is literally selling God Bless the USA Bibles. I swear I am not making this up.


“We must make America pray again”: Trump now selling Bibles



Of course, selling off his assets and paying exorbitant penalties seems harsh when he could just do what Dish Networks did: pay 10% to the big guy. Or, in Dish’s case, less than .03%, but, hey, what’s a cool $113,000 between friends if it means the DOJ will dismiss a 3.8 billion dollar fraud suit?

DOJ moved to dismiss $3.3B fraud suit against Dish after chairman donated $113K to Biden




After being ousted from the RNC for her inability to do her job, NBC hired Ronna McDaniel as a commentator in hopes of presenting the slightest difference of opinion in their far-left silo.

Unfortunately, the socialist snowflakes, also known as the staff of MSNBC, were so terrified of hearing anything from outside their safe bubble that the network had to immediately fire her and publically flog themselves for their indiscretion. They will still have to buy out her $600,000 contract, however.

NBC reverses decision to hire Ronna McDaniel after on-air backlash




Rapper Sean “Kid Diddler” Combs just had his LA and Miami homes raided by Homeland Security based on allegations of rape and human trafficking.

Silly boy, everyone knows you only get away with crimes like that if you’re Clinton adjacent or a friend of the Big Guy.

Diddy’s Los Angeles, Miami homes raided by federal agents




Speaking of child trafficking, invaders at the southern border are getting more and more invader-ee — as a handful of unfortunate Texas National Guardsmen learned when more than 600 illegals stampeded them in El Paso. The same violent mob had spent the previous night trying to break in and throwing rocks at the Guardsmen.

Good thing the Biden administration has raised our taxes and weaponized the IRS to ensure these fine people receive all the food, housing, transportation, and healthcare that us citizens can no longer afford.

Better yet, why process them at all when you can just conveniently “lose” the paperwork and let them take over scott-free? Because the Biden administration failed to file the paperwork for more than 200,000 deportation cases, the courts had no choice but to simply toss them.

The cases, not the deportees.

US attorney to prosecute ring leaders from migrant stampede in El Paso where SIX HUNDRED illegal border crossers stormed Texas National Guard troops

Biden administration fails to file paperwork, causes 200K migrant deportation cases to be tossed



As if pardoning terrorist invaders and importing flesh eating Haitians weren’t enough, the Biden regime is going even one step further by slowly releasing grizzly bears near rural neighborhoods, where the US Fish and wildlife says, QUOTE

“The bears would be part of an “experimental” population, which would give wildlife officials more options for killing or relocating bears that have run-ins with people and livestock.”

I don’t invent it, folks, I just report it.

Feds release North Cascades grizzly bear analysis

Biden admin accelerates plan to unleash grizzly bears near rural community over widespread local opposition




While terrorist gangs are using TikTok to broadcast blueprints of New York and California’s “squatter’s rights” laws that allow them to literally take over someone’s property without repercussion, a US district court judge in Illinois has also ruled that these foreign home invaders should be afforded full rights to purchase and carry guns, as well.

Just to make sure YOU, the actual US citizen, can’t protect YOURSELF from these armed house hunters, the DOJ has created the National Extreme Risk Protection Order Resource Center — an overreaching red flag operation to ensure social workers, bitter neighbors, and angry exes determine which law abiding citizen is or is not allowed the same gun rights as an illegal fence jumper.

To ensure the largest possible numbers will continue to stream over the open border, meat eating vegan mayor Eric Adams is offering them prepaid debit cards.

No, I swear, I am not making this up.

Undocumented Immigrants Have Right to Own Guns, Judge Rules

Justice Department Launches the National Extreme Risk Protection Order Resource Center

NYC Mayor Eric Adams says migrants will get $13 a day on prepaid credit card




In Washington State, prospective lawyers no longer have to pass the Bar exam, because competency is racist.

Passing bar exam no longer required for law license in Washington state because of ‘race-equity concerns’




Just like everything else Congress tries to cram down our throats, they took the TikTok ban bill and — presto chango! — turned it into an unwieldy, overreaching censorship monstrosity. What should have been a one-line, single subject bill became a nine-page piece of legislation that would allow the President to take down any social media company that might question his agenda or hurt his feelings.

Of course, it passed with flying colors because, per tradition, only two representatives could be bothered to read the thing.


The ‘TikTok Ban’ Bill Applies To A Lot More Than Just TikTok And It’s Dangerous

The RESTRICT Act Would Restrict a Lot More Than TikTok




In Ohio, a Somalian man won the Democratic primary by speaking only Somali and promising to represent only Somalians in the United States Senate.

For the record, non-Somalins cannot run for any office in Somalia.

Rep. Mohamed Holds Second Annual Statehouse Iftar



In Baltimore, a massive cargo ship lost power early Tuesday and issued a mayday call before hitting one of the Francis Scott Key bridge’s supports, causing the bridge to collapse as entirely as our economy. Thankfully, the mayday allowed authorities the time to halt traffic, saving many lives.

The bridge and its waterway was a major commerce thoroughfare between Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York, so its absence will greatly affect trade all over the States and the rest of the world.

Too bad none of the funds from the monster infrastructure bill actually went towards infrastructure.

The mayor of Baltimore has declared a state of emergency as crews work around the clock to search for survivors, recover bodies, and clean up the mess.

Because the Cabbage in Chief must make everything about himself, he immediately took to the air to tell another one of his signature whoppers about how he traveled that bridge many times, by train, even though the bridge has never had a railway.

For now, all traffic in the area is completely shut down, just like Biden’s brain.

What to know about the ripple effects of the Baltimore bridge collapse

Biden claims he commuted over collapsed Baltimore Key Bridge by train ‘many times’ – but it doesn’t have any rail lines


For CCW News, this has been Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening.

I’m Chuck U. Farley.

Good night, and may God help us.


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