Back from Sin City

Welcome to the show.

We have returned from our sojourn to our former home of Las Vegas, refreshed and ready to go! Congratulations again to Nathan and Savannah, America’s Cutest Couple. Tonight, we talk Juice, Nyquil, and Gasoline.


RIP Louis Gossett Jr.

RIH OJ Simpson

We can send helicopters to Mars, but we still can’t make a nighttime cold medicine in any flavor other than “sphincter numbing?”

…Maybe JESUS?

My Gospel According to Melanie has been trumped!


News of the Weird and Wonderful

More weird than wonderful

N.C. officials warn residents there could be bears under their homes

Animal-lover rushes sick baby hedgehog to vet — only to find out she’s been caring for a hat pom-pom


More wonderful than weird

Auburn student makes a 94-foot, length-of-the-court putt and wins a car

This NBA star always dreamed of being a teacher. So students in Brooklyn got the substitute teacher of a lifetime.

She went skinny-dipping and then skipped her flight home. It was the best move she ever made

‘Wonderful’ dog who fathered more than 300 puppies for Guide Dogs retires


News of the Wicked

This is Why we Can’t Have Nice things

Police say he got on a plane using a photo of a girl’s boarding pass. Now he faces a felony charge

Double-swiping the rewards card led to free gas for months — and a felony theft charge

Parents outraged after school builds ‘metal cages’ to stop children using toilet

Wife of billionaire slams locals in Minnesota beach town for daring to question her plans after snapping up multiple properties – and says they can forget about getting a new pickleball complex now!

Ohio man, 81, fatally shoots Uber driver, 61, after scammers target both of them, officials say

Welcome to the New Abnormal

It Turns Out the ‘Deep State’ Is Actually Kind of Awesome – but we can’t tell you about it because it’s video only, behind a paywall.

Elon Musk Calls New York Times ‘Mouthpiece of the State’ Over Headline Calling Deep State ‘Kind of Awesome’

Turns out we DO have a Deep State…and it’s “awesome”


Excessive free speech is a breeding ground for more Trumps

Democrats Are Running the Christine Blasey-Ford Playbook Again But There’s a Big Problem

Religious-themed designs banned from White House Easter egg art contest

Seattle dance squad says they were told American flag shirts made audience members feel ‘triggered and unsafe’

Florida Man

Florida man calls American Airlines passengers ‘blue-eyed white devils,’ threatens to ‘take this plane down’

Five Florida Circuit Judges Defend Pervert Lawyer in Weird Cover-Up

Florida man says he discovered the fountain of youth underwater

FHP searching for suspect who allegedly carjacked emergency response vehicle

Florida mother arrested after daycare finds gun inside 2-year-old son’s lunchbox\]



Woman Announces Her Passing On LinkedIn, Her Message Is Spreading Far And Wide

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