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Dylan Mulvaney visits Peru to escape the eeeeevil transphobes in the USA (literally the most accepting place on the planet), only to have Peru immediately declare transgenderism a mental disorder.


Peru officially classifies trans people as ‘mentally ill’

Peru classifies transgender, nonbinary and intersex people as ‘mentally ill’

Blue Origin launches six tourists to the edge of space after nearly two-year hiatus


News of the Weird and Wonderful

More weird than wonderful

NYC’s last superhero: On patrol with real-life crimefighter — the Brooklyn Devil

More wonderful than weird

Zoo announces birth of tiny tamarin to mark Endangered Species Day

Now if we could only build all the parts domestically…

These tricks make wind farms more bird-friendly

Colorado River may finally see increased flows after 20-year drought, according to new research

Experimental Cancer Treatment Gives New Jersey Mom a Chance for A Second Baby

Texas Governor Pardons Man in Fatal Shooting of Protester in 2020

News of the Wicked

This is Why we Can’t Have Nice things

NYC-Dublin live video art installation already bringing out the worst in people with lewd displays

Further evidence that Basement Joe has trouble with numbers.

Biden repeats lie that inflation ‘was at 9% when I came in’ as president

Plano man attacked tow truck driver with metal bar who was towing his mom’s car

Another dumb challenge, another needless death…

‘One Chip Challenge’ Contributed to the Death of a Massachusetts Teen, Autopsy Results Show

The first word in the headline tells us everything we need to know

Black Portlander files $475k lawsuit against Walmart for accusing him of stealing vacuum he bought

Welcome to the New Abnormal

Jerry! Blink twice if you need help. What’s the deal with the apology tour?

Jerry Seinfeld Apologizes For “Sexual Undertones” In ‘Bee Movie’ During Duke Commencement Address


FFS. Now he’s just embarrassing us all. What a Joker.

Mark Hamill calls Biden ‘Joe-B-Wan Kenobi’ in White House press room appearance



Blue Jays Fan’s Kindness Creates Unforgettable Moment For Young Yankees Supporter

Dad Literally Lends a Hand to Daughter Who Broke Wrist Before a Violin Performance

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