Thank You (Memorial Day 2024)


Following up on last week…We didn’t realize to what extent BSA has fallen. If after reading this, you still want to keep your kids in, there is something dreadfully wrong.

Surviving Scouting

A founding member of Train has passed.

Charlie Colin dead at 58

News of the Weird and Wonderful

More weird than wonderful

6-foot, 4-inch steer officially the tallest in the world


More “Why” than Weird or Wonderful…

Idaho man juggles blindfolded for over an hour


Continuing on that theme…

Nigerian woman creates world’s widest wig at almost 12 feet


Stop the presses! He’s BACK!

Shaving cream and table tennis balls earn man his 171st world record


Flabby Feline Has Taken to Swimming Lessons for Losing Weight–And it’s Working

More wonderful than weird

A Canadian Farmer Had Millions of Surplus Potatoes and Worked Overtime to Give Them All Away


Doctor Is Still Cancer-Free After Incurable Brain Tumor Diagnosis, Thanks To His Own Treatment


News of the Wicked

This is Why we Can’t Have Nice things

It’s his money.

Mega Millions winner sued by family for breaking promise to share $1.35B jackpot

A new low for a police department.

City of Fontana pays nearly $900,000 for ‘psychological torture’ inflicted by police to get false confession


A 19th century flag disrupts leadership at an Illinois museum and prompts a state investigation


Idaho drag performer awarded $1.1 million in defamation case against far-right blogger


Florida Man


Florida man learns he’s not a citizen after living, voting in US for decades


Florida man convicted after admitting to heinous crime during job interview to become a police officer, facing life in prison


Florida man cracks open beer as police move in on him because he wants to ‘drink it while it’s cold’

(sha-clack part 2)

Florida man chugs beer in front of cops after throwing bottles off Margaritaville balcony

Set on Delicate

Florida man on the run from police for 2 months found hiding in clothes dryer: ‘Tumble-ready’

All a (hic) board!

Florida man drunkenly steals school bus, drives 4 hours to Miami


A fitting story to end our Memorial Day show.

Pennsylvania School Official Fulfills Dying Marine’s Last Wish

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