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We have a Mother of a show for you tonight…yeak, okay, it wasn’t all that funny…


They didn’t COMPLETELY get the message, but it’s a start…

Target cites employee safety in limiting Pride collection to select stores

Another angle (the REAL reason they’re limiting Pride Stuff):

Target Limiting LGBTQ-Themed Merchandise for ‘Pride Month’ After Massive Blowback


News of the Weird and Wonderful

More weird than wonderful

The Cult of Buc-Eees is real.

‘I pronounce you husband and wife and you may now buy Beaver Nuggets’

Why should Texas get ’em all?

Scotland suddenly has a lot of mosquitoes

This was a gag in a Merrie Melodies cartoon once. Guess Termite Terrace had prophets among them.

Camel Riding Popularity Inspires Special Camel Traffic Lights in the Middle of the Desert

Waymo Self-Driving Car Spotted In Violation Of Traffic Rules On San Francisco’s Van Ness Avenue

More wonderful than weird

Man rescues waterslide from defunct theme park in Ohio


SUV-sized Radio Flyer red wagon up for auction


Not an article, but a video you must listen to after the show…

NBA Takes Chance On Solo Guitarist Halftime Show, Stadium Erupts In Cheers


Pawsitively Pampered: Park Ranger Gives Lions Foot Massages

‘I Have to Save the Baby’: Hero Selflessly Goes Into Raging Inferno to Save 11-Month-Old’s Life


News of the Wicked

This is Why we Can’t Have Nice things

Jerry Seinfeld apologizes to Howard Stern after saying he isn’t that funny: ‘Please forgive me’

Basketball-sized chunk of ice falls from sky and kills family’s goat

Octogenarian ecoterrorists

‘Pandas’ at Chinese zoo are chow chow dogs in disguise


Welcome to the New Abnormal

Progressive Utopia: San Francisco Program Buys Alcohol for Homeless Alcoholics to Improve Health

Boy Scouts rebrands as Scouting America, dropping gendered name



Florida Man

There’s defund the police, then Florida goes the other way.

Miami Beach Police rolls out world’s first Rolls-Royce police car



Retired Teacher ‘Jumps for Joy’ at 80th Birthday in Surprise Reunion With Her Favorite Kindergarten Student

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