Saving Brandon’s Privates


80th anniversary of D-Day!

A look back at D-Day: Why the World War II invasion remains important on its 80th anniversary

The Texas Rangers are still the only MLB team without a Pride Night

Prosecutors Got Trump — But They Contorted the Law

Bannon goes down.

Alex Jones forced to liquidate InfoWars

News of the Weird and Wonderful

More weird than wonderful

Can we have that here?

This Missouri Restaurant Doesn’t Allow Women Under 30 Or Men Under 35

I. Want. This.

Somehow This $10,000 Flame-Thrower Robot Dog Is Completely Legal in 48 States

There is now officially a museum for everything.

World’s largest coprolite collection becomes Arizona ‘Poozeum’

More wonderful than weird

New fossils show what Australia’s giant prehistoric ‘thunder birds’ looked like – and offer clues about how they died out

Justice is served AGAINST the FBI

Security clearance is restored for ex-FBI employee who testified on politicization claims

The tide is turning.

Venture Capitalist & Former Hillary Donor Announces $300,000 Donation to Trump

Watch the Moment a Dad From Public Housing Wins Stunning Home Worth 2.5 Million in Charity Drawing

Missing for 12 Years, ‘Beloved’ Cat Named Artie Finally Reunited with His Family


Holy Crap! This is Actually Happening!

Chuck does this so we don’t have to.

Florida Man


Spirit Airlines flyer tracks down her stolen luggage to airport employee’s Florida house with her pinging Apple Watch


Florida man wearing women’s blouse, no pants crashes car into jail to ‘kill everyone,’


Man allegedly causes $10K in damage to church before swinging trendy drink container at police officer


Police Give “Mr. Monopoly” Chance To Go Directly To Jail

Sorry, I’m on this guy’s side

Florida Man Declared War on License Plate Readers

…and now one from the classic files…

Florida man arrested for pooping on dead possum on street during rush hour


An American Treasure.

Dick Van Dyke makes history as oldest Daytime Emmys winner at 98

Four Hostages Rescued in Gaza After Being Kidnapped From Music Festival by Hamas Terrorists 8 Months Ago

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