What was THAT?

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To use the title of a song from a musical Jim once performed in…WHAT THE $@*& WAS THAT? This debate proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Joe being unfit for the job was NOT a conspiracy theory. Yes, Trump spoke in hyperbole and generalities, as usual…but he spoke, clearly and concisely. Joe fell asleep, claimed to have beat Medicare, and all-too-frequently looked off to the side, mouth agape…look, we know that some people are so blinded by Trump Derangement Syndrome that they will vote for this dimwit, but even they aren’t fooled. And the puppet masters are in panic mode. What will they do? Replace him? Run him? His potential replacements are not universally loved. Kamala makes Joe look like a Rhodes scholar. Noose ‘Em has destroyed California. Big Mike doesn’t wanna do it. Hillary? Not a chance against Trump…or Kennedy…or Jill Stein.

Nope, Biden will NOT be President…unless some Very Desperate People rig the election. Stay tuned.


OH MY GOD, THE DEBATE! We start by playing our sketch from a few days ago, indicating how we thought the debate was going to be…we were (happily) WRONG. Dana Bash and Jake Tapper of CNN did a great job, asking fair questions and sticking to the rules. Trump did well. That leaves Slobberin’ Joe…hoo boy…

News of the Weird and Wonderful

More weird than wonderful

Blue Bell announced bracket challenge to bring back one discontinued flavor


Canadian candidate becomes the first to ever receive zero votes


Manure truck crash covers Connecticut homes, yards in liquid feces


Would you believe…?

Shoe phone is (re)calling ‘Get Smart’


More wonderful than weird

Classy Women vs, Fart Machine


A Dream Come True: Young Guitarist Nails Guns N’ Roses Hit On Stage


Earliest, Most Distant Galaxy Discovered with Webb Telescope Dates to 300Mil Years After Big Bang


News of the Wicked

This is Why we Can’t Have Nice things

Seven Rooms of Gloom

Four Tops singer says hospital put him in straitjacket after not believing he was in Four Tops


HOA board member caught on video pooping on neighbor’s house


From Pooper to Trooper

He flipped off a trooper and got charged. Now Vermont is on the hook for $175,000


Assault charges filed against county board candidate after allegedly throwing tarantula at fellow tenant



Four die after drinking from bottles found in sea


Welcome to the New Abnormal

Florida School District Bans a Book … About Banned Books


Largest Pilot Union Suggests Removing ‘Offensive’ Terms Like ‘Cockpit,’ ‘Father’

Why is the cockpit called the cockpit?


Boeing, Boeing, SPLAT

Boeing Says That The “Astronauts Are Not Stranded” While The Astronauts Remain Stranded



88-year-old ‘proud’ foster mom retires after raising over 40 children


They tied the knot 10 years after interracial marriage became legal. Now they’re viral sensations for their love story

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