Foiled Again – with guest interview Dan Granger (full podcast)

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We are thrilled to bring you a new interview. Hear author Dan Granger talk about his new book “Why is Sam so SAD?” It explains Seasonal Affective Disorder from a kid’s point of view; we highly recommend it.

We also analyze George Stephanopoulos’ train wreck of an interview with Bumblin’ Mumblin’ Joe. It’s much more entertaining with us in the room.


ABC interview with Biden…Not An Improvement!

If Joe was hoping to get a boost from ABC’s interview….nope. Still defiant and in denial that his faceplant at the debate wasn’t more than “just a bad night.” George, God love him, tried to move Joe a little closer to Reality, but…no dice. (Credit to Mr. Stephanopoulos for asking good questions and doing his best.)

News of the Weird and Wonderful

They Stole a Confederate Train for the Union. Now, 2 Civil War Privates Will Receive the Medal of Honor.

Deputies Rescue 8 Abandoned Puppies ‘Barely Clinging To Life’ In 100-Degree Texas Heat
Roller Coaster Of Emotions: Man Visiting Graveyard Has Crazy Happy Ending


Interview with Dan Granger


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A Giant Hand Now Emerges From Wales’ Tallest Tree

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