When Jim and Mélanie first met, they only agreed on one thing: this relationship was going somewhere good. They disagreed on everything else – from Jim saying he was “not a dog person” to Mélanie saying she had no interest in shoes. Everything from religion to politics put them at polar opposites, but they had one fabulous thing in common: they could debate, read, learn, grow, and rethink their positions without becoming emotionally challenged dimwits. Both believe that you are in charge of your own future and being a perpetual victim is just plain dumb. They decided that together they could do anything, so they sold all of their belongings and moved from Seattle to Las Vegas on a wing and prayer. And a “check engine” light.

Mélanie left the accounting world to pursue her dream of being a professional speaker. She has since traveled to 47 states and four continents and has five published books currently available on Amazon. She was also part of the Las Vegas Improvisational Players and performed with some of the most talented comedians in the world.

Jim left his job with the federal government to pursue his dream of being an actor. He has since been in multiple movies, two music videos, and three shows on the Las Vegas Strip. He also acted with the Nevada Shakespearean Guild.

After the state’s ridiculous reaction to the Chinese bioweapon, all of their creative gigs got locked out of existence, so they did what any (in)sane person would do and, after threats of a THIRD lockdown, they sold everything they owned and moved to Texas.

Now they live waaaaaay out in the middle of cow country, with extra humidity, bugs the size of Buicks, and a whole lotta freedom.

Through sincerely tough times and brilliantly amazing times, the two have managed to keep it together, even when *one* of them was being so difficult that the other wanted to whack him with a waffle maker…ahem…just sayin’. Through it all, they kept their humor, and it is this that they intend to inflict on you, the listener.