Sheila Mac

Special Guest: Sheila Mac

CCW hosts Lifestyle ReBOOT Specialist, Sheila Mac, author of the Amazon #1 best seller, “Boot Straps & Bra Straps: The formula to go from rock bottom back into action in any situation.” We’ll also visit Pelosi’s hairdresser, laugh at some News of the Weird & Wonderful, and take a peek at the upcoming virtual debates.

Unrest in the Midwest guillotine

Unrest in the Midwest

Tonight we’ll talk about the violence, make fun of some of the perpetrators, check our facts, and still have plenty of time for Florida Man! Tune in for a new Poetry Corner and The Day the Masks Came Off #4



Tonight we interview Cardi B, discuss current events, and laugh at the world in general. Abby answers a letter from a frustrated sibling, and Biden debuts another ad.


Can we have the murder hornets back?

Hindsight is 20/20, and 2020 has been one big hind sight. With all that’s going off in the world, one misses the good old days of easy things, like murderous hornets. Tonight, we delve into the insect bites of current year, visit the AG Barr hearing, and follow FBI Agent Orange on his next assignment.

Kamala and Biden

The Creep and the Veep

So…Kamala Harris… Yeah, she’s a good idea. Plenty of fun tonight with Florida Man, News of the Weird & Wonderful, plus another episode of “The Day the Masks Came Off!”

Tumbleweed man with facemask

Masks Off!

What will happen in the far, far future after kids have grown up never fully seeing anyone’s face? Find out tonight with our new series, “The Day the Masks Came Off!”