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The Whole Tooth!

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After enough delays and silliness to be the basis of a bad sitcom, Melanie has her upper teeth back! So we are celebrating by bringing back a segment missing from our show for way too long. And once again, Max entertains with a soliloquy from HAMLET, Chuck gives us more news reflecting our stupid state of affairs, and Frankie returns from Heaven to sing a new version  of one of his best and most loved songs.


Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening!

Chuck regales us with more stories that are stranger than fiction.


News of the Weird and Wonderful

You think YOU have got problems? Oh, Gnome you don’t!

Gnome shortage: Lockdown and Suez canal blockage blamed


Two drunk friends were left with swollen penises after injecting each other with a hemorrhoid cream they heard could give them extra girth


RIP, you were lovely!

Hester Ford, oldest living American, dead at 115

Max Mangles The Bard

Another reading from HAMLET, interpreted by Max in a way that only he can do it.


Welcome to the New Abnormal

BREAKING: Minnesota National Guard Shot At Just Hours After Maxine Waters Incited Violence


Breonna Taylor’s mother blasts Black Lives Matter movement


White House leaves vaccine “passports” to private sector


The number lost to the ‘rona is darn near close to the number lost to TB BECAUSE of ‘rona policies

Tuberculosis progress set back a decade by COVID-19 – WHO


This came as a surprise to NO ONE

COVID-19 hits those shackled by oppression hardest thanks to decades of inequalities, neglect and abuse


The lefties want this here

China targeting Christians by detaining them in secretive brainwashing centres

Dog Abby

Abby revives her advice column, and not a moment too soon for a listener with wanderlust.

This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Almost half of adults who have children or pets are put off buying nice items for the house over fears they will be ruined – by food, drink and animal dribble


Oh, FFS!  …Welp. We’ve done it. Trees are now racist.

Portland school delays ‘Evergreens’ mascot vote over fears it’s tied to lynching


Mum horrified after neighbour’s porn plays through daughter’s night light


Naked Man Said He Was Doing “Walk Of Shame” for cheating on his wife


Wrong house, morons

Vandals target Barry Brodd’s former home after testimony in Derek Chauvin’s defense


Missing in Action: Six of America’s Nuclear Weapons Are Unaccounted For.


Comply With Me

A new take on a Frank Sinatra classic!


Florida Woman

Ruckus at Stuart strip club lands lady in lockup


North Lauderdale woman claims to be ‘Harry Potter’ after allegedly killing woman in Boca Raton hit and run crash


Florida woman breaks into house, helps herself to eggs and coffee, Putnam County deputies say



‘Donkey Whisperer’ deputy wrangles escaped donkey in Florida



Cows unfettered by sprinklers, car alarms as they wander neighborhood on Jacksonville’s Westside


Florida is not content with a dumpster fire year

Large fire breaks out at St. Johns County landfill


Officers injured in twerking incident during Miami riots


Police search for man accused of stealing cat blood from St. Augustine clinic


Honorary Florida Man

Thomas Courtney Tells Police He’s “In His Bed” When Found Asleep Behind The Wheel In Traffic


Florida Man Attacks Black Mom at Ferris Wheel, Gets Beaten by Onlookers in Video


Wine of the Week:

Midori Peach Daquiri!

2/3 frozen peaches

1/3 ice

1 part white rum

2 parts melon liqeur

1 part lime juice

Fill with water



Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening – Totally Not-Propaganda Edition— CCW News 04-11-2021

Community Immunity 1: Let’s All Get the Vaccine feat. Darryl DMC McDaniels

Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon Forces New York Times to “update” article

Prince Philip funeral date leaked on No10 website in Whitehall blunder –quickly deleted

Politifact holding ‘celebration of fact-checking’ with CNN’s Brian Stelter

Caitlyn Jenner Eyes Potential California Governor Bid

Spirit Airlines temporarily kicks Jewish family off plane over toddler’s mask

Colorado, Site of New MLB All-Star Game, Has More Restrictive Voting Laws Than Georgia

White House considering cash payments to Central Americans to stem migration

The Biden administration says it may restart construction of the border wall to fill ‘gaps’ left by Trump

Biden mixed up

Totally NOT Propaganda!

Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening!

Chuck regales us with more stories that are stranger than fiction.

This might be us

Meet the introverts who are dreading a return to normal

What the actual F*

Video of Virginia Cops Arresting Army Lieutenant Caron Nazario Watched 9 Million Times


News of the Weird and Wonderful


From Abby:

Update on the purple unicorn thief doggie!


Fog-Catching Towers Could Supply Water to the World’s Driest Megacity Using The Ocean Air


David Hogg learns life is hard, quits ‘very real’ pillow fight with My Pillow before first batch rolls off line


From Maizie, the Airport doggy:

Two Dogs Rescued From the Streets Now Live Their Best Life on the Road—Seeing the Sites of Europe


From Max:

Elderly Woman Reunites With Her Cat Who’d Been Missing For Four Years


Phrtyzie mentioned this one – she says the pictures are phenomenal!

California Communities Rally To Save Animals Caught In Wildfires


This is truly Bizarre, but Melanie’s Irish…so…

Powdered bones are keeping Solar Orbiter cool thanks to an Irish startup


Weird how they did it, wonderful that the guy will finally face justice.

Investigators used DNA taken from an airline passenger’s water bottle to ARREST him for a 1985 cold case murder featured on Unsolved Mysteries


Mélanie might finally have a reason to want to visit Hell.

Disney’s Latest Snack Is a Fried Pickle Corn Dog Served with Peanut Butter


Super Duper!

Superman’s 1938 first appearance sells for a record $3.25M


Wine of the Week:

Grand Marnier Margaritas

Tequila reposado – aged so it doesn’t have that “tequila burn”


Slide a lime around the top of the glasses; reem in salt


For a pitcher:

1 1/2 cups tequila

1 cup Cointreau

1 cup lime juice

3 handfuls ice


Shake ingredients, pour, then float a shot of Grand Marnier on top

Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening – Easter Sunday Edition — CCW News 04-04-2021


Jim Acosta ROASTED For Hilarious Out Of Touch Tweet! Elitist Democrat BACKLASH Continues!!


GoFundMe for Billy Evans, Capitol Police Officer Killed in Car Attack, Raises $100k in 24 Hours


Pete Buttigieg Has Gas-Guzzling Suburban Drop Him Off a Couple Blocks from Work So He Can Ride His Bike in for the Cameras


CDC Data Suggests Vaccinated Don’t Carry, Can’t Spread Virus

Follow the Feelz: Biden CDC Director Scared by ‘Recurring Feeling of Impending Doom’


COVID-19 death discrepancy: OSDH, CDC numbers not matching up


In a Blow to Pelosi, Rita Hart Concedes Unhinged Fight to Steal Iowa Race


Coca-Cola, Delta and JPMorgan lead companies in condemning Georgia’s voting law


NBC’s Lester Holt Urges Journalists to Ditch Objectivity: ‘Fairness Is Overrated’


Georgia House Passes Bill Stripping Delta Of A Multimillion Tax Break

AOC blew Amazon out of New York in 2019 over tax breaks but demanded one for herself in 2012


‘Very Young Child’ Accesses Account of US Strategic Command, the Group Responsible for US Nuke Launches

Poetry Corner – At Least

The coolest of the cool cats riffs about current events and social justice. Get ready to snap your pleasure and join us in a nostalgic smoky groove.

Tonight Wolf Zygote explains in rhyme why Biden, despite all his faults, is AT LEAST better than having the evil orange one in office.

He is Risen!



Welcome to the show.

Happy Easter!

He is Risen!

It’s all News of the Weird and Wonderful this week!


Why is the Easter Story important?


Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening!

Chuck is back with more incedulous real-life stories that could only happen in 2021.


Today in History


Beatlemania in full bloom!


News of the Weird and Wonderful


This woman, 82, dresses to the nines each Sunday for virtual church. Her selfies have become legendary.


WWII vet knits wool hats during COVID-19 pandemic for Salvation Army


Deer Crashes Through School Bus Windshield And Lands On Sleeping Student


How the Giant Boat Blocking the Suez Canal Was Freed: Dredgers, Tugboats, and a Full Moon


Galápagos tortoises: 185 babies seized from smugglers


From Max, he says this is how his sister stays so plump

Man looks up neighbour’s property on Zoopla, finds his cat has been living a double life next door


She should learn from Jim’s method of nicknaming

‘I can’t pronounce my own husband’s name so I’ve called him baby for 3 years’


Bitter sweet

Five receive organs after Staffordshire University student dies


57-year-old woman gives birth to new baby after 13-year-old daughter tragically died


Well, duh

If you want to live a longer, healthier life, never go to sleep on an argument


Not wonderful so much as hilarious

Michigan man caught with meth uses fake name, arrested anyway because that person had active warrants


Woman says she had worst date ever after jumping into river to save man’s dog while he ‘just stood there’


CNN’s Jim Acosta roasted for wearing ‘obnoxious self-flattering’ shirt during coronavirus vaccine photo


Maybe there is still good left in the world

Nike sues novelty company MSCHF over Lil Nas X’s ‘Satan Shoes’ collab


Pathetic with a capital PUH

The Pentagon’s amazingly silly anti-Russia meme


Geologist beaten up by ‘angriest octopus’ on beach


Good News: Everyone is OK

Bad News: Calling the cops on an active shooter is not a good April Fool


Turkey crashes through window, ransacks Connecticut home


Girl Scouts From Homeless Shelter Surpass Cookie Goal 


Someone Built A Real Life Version Of Donald Duck’s Car


8-Year-Old Hero Receives Thank You Video From John Cena


Pet Nanny Careers Have Soared Through the Pandemic


Woman Uses Lockdown to Teach Her Clever Dog Math And Colors With Homemade Flash Cards


Affordable Housing Landlord Starts Eviction Fund and is Shocked –Raising $9Mil Kept 3,000 Families in Their Homes


Canadian boy’s 1.02-inch baby tooth declared a world record


Mummies of ancient Egyptian royalty to parade through streets of Cairo


High School Senior Invents Color-Changing Sutures That Detect Infection


Genetic Code from 5,700 Year-old ‘Chewing Gum’ Reveals Extraordinary Details of Young Danish Woman

Poetry Corner

Wolf presents his new opus, “At Least.”

“Wine” of the Week

Our beverage this week is NOT wine, For a change, we served up Espresso Martinis! Simple and tasty…

One shot espresso (we used Starbucks)

One shot vodka (we used Gordon’s)

One shot coffee liqueur (We used Gionelli)

One shot half and half or whipping cream (we used whipping cream)

Mix in a martini glass and serve cold. Yum!