RBG as Darth Vader



Welcome to 2020


An icon of the feminist movement. We salute a tough lady who we admired, despite our political differences.

Congrats Schitt’s Creek for the Emmys

Woman suspected of sending poisoned letter to Trump arrested

Melanie tells another Tale of a Covidiot,

We discuss Trump, as usual. We also talk about the economy, which leads to…

Jim Class-Unintended and Extended!

In the middle of a conversation, Melanie asks Jim to relate about a time in his life when the Law of Attraction worked against him. He relates his early post-USMC years, the hard lessons he learned, and how he came out of the ordeals a more powerful person.

Peace in the Middle East? Pssssh

Trump rally host company fined $3,000 for COVID-19 violations at event


Man who pooped on Pelosi’s driveway calls it a peaceful protest


The Jimbo Snaps! Jim gives McConnell a Mitch-slap

You $%#! Stop trying to rationalize this. You prevented Obama from putting in a nomination in 2016, then turn around and say it’s different this time?  Stop it, you turtle-headed goon! You never should have done this. Now at a critical time, when we really, REALLY need to replace her ASAP, we are stuck in this nonsense. You put party above principle. Shame on you.


Chuck U. Farley returns to host our newest sketch. It won’t be our last.

Wine of the Week

Winemakers Selection Classic Series 2018 California Red Blend has bold flavor and a smooth finish, pairing well with pork and seafood. Quite tasty. We both like it a lot. The surprise? It’s a $5 Walmart brand. Check it out.

Cuties went too far

A Step Too Far

Welcome to the show.

Unlike our friends, the overpaid spoiled ninnies in professional sports, we solemnly remember 9/11, the innocent souls who died on that tragic day, and our heroes, the first responders. Let NFL players wear Jacob Blake’s name (and not his sexual assault victim’s) on their helmets all they like. We choose to honor the real heroes, and are more than happy to boycott the NFL until they decide what’s truly important. Speaking of boycotts…


…even worse than imagined. As a result of this child porn, we have cancelled our subscription to Netflix and Chill. And in order to answer the response that most people who’ve criticized it haven’t seen it, Melanie took one for the team and did, in fact, watch it. Her full review is coming soon, but let’s just say it hasn’t altered our opinion. We have a shiny new subscription to tubitv.com instead.

Our Newest Ad…

…based on Cuties and the press’ rapturous response to it.. I mean. after all, let’s take it to it’s (il)logical conclusion, right?


Only in 2020


BUSTED! CNN edits out Washington Redskins logo from photo used in Joe Biden documentary


Voter bares arms, and more, after anti-Trump shirt is nixed


The Left’s Covid Memory Hole

Contrary to what Joe Biden says now, he and his team badly misjudged Covid-19.


Presto Chango

2020 has been a year without a flu season in the southern hemisphere


News of the Weird & Wonderful

More than $300,000 raised for salon owner accused of “setting up” Nancy Pelosi


100-year-old man goes scuba diving for Guinness record


Pensioner blows his house up while trying to kill a fly with electrified bug swatter


He Prayed For Help. It Arrived In The Form Of Priests On A Floating Tiki Bar


Nebraska man asks City Council to rename ‘boneless chicken wings’

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Is It Okay to Laugh at Florida Man?

Tucker Carlson Releases Audio Of CNN’s Fredo Coaching Cohen For Interview

A Black seventh-grader played with a toy gun during a virtual class. His school called the police.


Our new sketch, The Virtual Debate

As it turns out, after this was written and recorded, QAnon actually predicted this would happen…we shall see…

Florida Man


Palm Beach man tried to bribe daughter’s way into Georgetown as tennis team recruit


Florida man accused of forcing his way into home to steal expensive shoes


Florida man allegedly fatally shoots mom after arguments over orange juice, air conditioning


Handcuffed man drowns after jumping into Florida bay


Florida man pleads guilty to trafficking 78 pounds of meth


Dramatic video shows Florida man fleeing from authorities on a JET SKI


Florida man tried to evade cops, but he had an issue with his pants


Kinda not a Florida man, but kinda still…

Jogger detained by Volusia deputies teams up with Sheriff’s Office for training

Wine of the Week

Cavaliere D’Oro (Itlaian for Golden Knight..didn’t even think about that when we picked it up) Is a fine Chianti with a smooth taste and a medium body. Pair it with chicken or a creamy pasta dish. Purchased from Walmart Neighborhood Market.

Sheila Mac

Special Guest: Sheila Mac

Welcome to the show.

We take yet another opportunity to poke fun at one of our most frequent targets (low hanging but delicious fruit). We have a fun interview with a remarkable guest. Plus our usual departments. Thanks for tuning in!


Only in 2020

Nancy Pelosi filmed using hair salon shuttered by coronavirus lockdown for blow-out

Our newest sketch surmises how this REALLY went down.

This protects LGBTQ youth? 

Northeastern dismisses 11 first-year students for partying. They won’t get their $36,500 tuition back


News of the Weird & Wonderful


Pilot reports ‘guy in a jetpack’ 3,000 feet over Los Angeles


It Turns Out Old Hotels Make Perfect Low-Income Housing And This Company is Turning 10 Around


Watch: Firefighters rescue kitten stuck inside 5-gallon water jug


Mom Crashes Through The Ceiling While Daughter Is Recording Herself Singing


Denmark Opens The First Ever Happiness Museum


Kentucky police pull over driver after spotting drawn-on license plate


Once seen as loners, male elephants shown to follow elders


Hundreds assemble as John Cage piece changes chord for the first time in 7 years


German Police Stumped By Mysterious Vials Of Hamster DNA


This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Pythons crash-land into man’s kitchen after fighting over mate


A Woman Called the Cops Because She Thought Store-Bought Meat Was a Penis

Florida Man

A shark latched onto a Florida man’s arm and decided to stay awhile

Pickup truck attempting to park ends up in retention pond


Wine of the Week

Prototype Zin
It had been a while since we had reviewed a Zinfandel on our show and this one called to us, at first because of the unusual label. Happily, we were not disappointed.

Prototype is a delicious Zin from Lodi, California. An exceptionally smooth and medium-bodied wine, this would pair well with anything form a fruit and cheese tray to a prime rib dinner. This would also make a fine appetizer wine to serve to guests. Purchased from Total Wine and More.







Special Guest: Sheila Mac


From experiencing all of life’s hardest challenges, including homelessness, abuse and losing everything in a house fire, Beverly Hills author, Sheila Mac has inspired others through her resilience and determination to gain back control of her own life. Today, Sheila consults individuals, teaches online courses and is a nationally-recognized speaker, and host of The Sheila Mac Show featured on radio and podcast channels. Sheila has made it her mission to guide others with similar life experiences back to empowerment.

READY to Rebuild, Re-Invent & Re-BOOT your business and life?

Since March, we have had to navigate unimaginably difficult economic, social, and emotional situations. Due to our global pandemic & related challenges this year: Have you or a loved one lost your job? Have you lost a loved one?  Are you exhausted caring for your parents? for your kids? Well you can find immediate relief when you read Sheila Mac’s new #1 Bestseller Boot Straps & Bra Straps! It contains the BOOTS formula to help move from Rock Bottom back into Action, in any situation…especially right now!. So if life has knocked you down, pick yourself up with Boot Straps & Bra Straps. Get your copy at www.SheilaMac.com TODAY!

Find Sheila:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sheilamac/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sheila.mac.777

FB Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/BootstrapsBrastraps/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sheilamacshow/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHOTrQ-uA7LEWPV5D2iOZuA

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SHEILAMACSHOW

Website www.SheilaMac.com

Unrest in the Midwest guillotine

Unrest in the Midwest

Welcome to the show.

Based on the train wreck that was the Democratic National Convention, we didn’t have high hopes for the Republican one. But it actually was quite good. Based on the event, and a few other long-simmering issues and soul searching. Jim made a fateful decision. What was it? Listen to the podcast and find out.


Only in 2020

Pennsylvania District Mandates White Supremacy Lessons for Kindergartners


Protesters With Guillotine Outside Jeff Bezos’ House Call for Higher Wages


Protests erupt at Portland police building, mayor’s condo


6 Minnesota Democrat mayors endorse Trump because ‘Joe Biden did nothing to help the working class’ – Daily Mail

The Day the Masks Came Off, Episode 4

Back to the year 2045. Special guests FutureMax and FutureFritz!


News of the Weird & Wonderful

Dog runs to get help for 88-year-old owner


Man uses Bud Lite to keep wildfire flames away from California home


Ohio Boy Raises Money for 200 K-9 Bullet-Proof Vests


Guinness World Records crowns Ecuadorian husband and wife world’s oldest couple


Minnesota man secures Guinness World Record for world’s tallest mohawk


Contents of mysterious safe left on N.Y. farm to remain mystery


World’s most expensive sheep sold at auction: ‘Obscene amount of money’

Kitten survives 30-mile drive in engine compartment of car


Poetry Corner

Like, dig Wolf’s latest magnum opus, man…

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Police respond to reports of gunfire, find man sleeping in front of TV


Prosecutors move to release Florida man they say wrongly served 37 years for murder


Bucks player George Hill had to take a shit


Florida Man

Cursive, foiled again!: Florida man’s store robbery foiled by sloppy handwriting


Famed headbanging ‘Florida Man’ in Louisiana for Hurricane Laura


Drunken Florida Man Crashes Golf Cart, Blames Trump


A Florida man tried to cash in a $30 lottery ticket from the same convenience store he stole it from


Florida man arrested after punching neighbor over Biden campaign sign


Three men wore GPS ankle monitors while burglarizing dozens of homes, cops say


FloridaWoman attempts to kidnap neighbor’s infant in the middle of the night


Florida man can’t drive car he tried to steal from Uber driver at knifepoint


Florida man, woman accused of seeking coronavirus loans for nonexistent businesses


Florida man with ‘playboy’ face tattoo arrested for robbery


Florida man charged for having more than 2 dozen pipe bombs after one went off


Police: Florida Man, 75, Who Recently Had Heart Surgery, Punched In Chest At Publix Over Social Distancing


Florida man hits Disney worker after being asked to change mask, deputies say


Florida man arrested with pound of cocaine, some kept on stack of bacon


Wine of the Week

Wine of the Week Jelly JaThe wine so nice, we drank it twice!

We tried Jelly Jar Red Blend on Saturday, and liked it so much, we brought it back tonight for our Wine of the Week. Strong nose of Cabernet, but a balanced taste and smooth finish. We paired it with a premium Swiss dark chocolate bar with bits of orange,cranberry, and honey. (Both available from Kroger company stores.) Delectable.





Welcome to the show.

Well, the 2020 Democratic National Convention came and went (yawn!). We discuss some glaring things about the dumbness that was the DNC. Now we only have to suffer through the Republicans doing the Same Outdated Thing this week, and then we’re safe for another four years.

Remember, many of our videos can now be viewed on Brighteon! We can also be seen on BitChute and DTube. Please support these “YouBoob” alternatives. (Yes, we can be seen there too.) Our newest video, the official debut of SHE’S SO PHRYTZIE, will be posted this week. Thanks as always for your support.

Only in 2020

City naming sewage plant after John Oliver


Elizabeth Warren Speaks at DNC Native American Caucus Meeting


Joe Biden faces new plagiarism claim over DNC acceptance speech


7-yo Trump fan Riley Wigton, assaulted by Biden supporters, gets special call from White House

Go Joe!

The latest ad from our hapless former veep.

News of the Weird & Wonderful

Mississippi ‘mosquito flag’ design swatted away, blamed on typo


See-through public toilets open in Tokyo parks


Police pick up a penguin from village street in Nottinghamshire after farmyard escape


New Japanese rice cooker cuts carbohydrates at the push of a button


‘Chocolate snow’ dusts Swiss town after factory malfunction


Chinese man’s big belly saves him from falling down well


Stray dog who visited car dealership every day gets adopted and lands dream job


This Tower Sucks Up Smog and Turns It Into Diamonds


Dog who fell into sea found alive days later – then goes to pub to celebrate

Turn Me On, Dead Man!

We revisit an enduring urban legend…the death of Sir James Paul McCartney.

Interviews on the Phrytz!

Our poofy grey-haired one interviews none other than rap star Cardi B.

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Want to look good while staying safe? Put CUM on your face!


Farmers pay Arizona city official with goat for outside job


Elliot Lake man ran over his own pickup with the log skidder he stole


Harikrishnan’s Viral Inflatable Trousers Are Now Available to Pre-Order


Theft victim uses social media to catch suspects, suspects use social media to convict selves


Restaurant chain under fire for weighing diners to work out how much food they should eat


Three-year-old Irish toddler ‘accidentally’ orders €30 worth of McDonald’s fries behind mum’s back


Utah HS Football Coach Suspends ENTIRE Team


Typos Spell Trouble For Man’s Alleged Attempt To Fake His Own Death


Dog Abby

A 13-year-old complains about her sister the copycat. Abby gives sage doggie advice.

Wine of the Week

We took another break from the usual reds this week. We treated ourselves to a great wine from our old stomping grounds of Washington state. This Pinot has a strong pear flavor, along with a berry-like finish. Rather than pairing it with cheese like we normally do, we paired it with Tillamook Mountain Huckleberry Ice Cream. Delicious!

Can we have the murder hornets back?

Welcome to the show.

As Captain Ahab would say, we’ve got a whale of show for ye, mateys! We have a look at the Political Farce of the Week, Agent Orange finds himself in hot water Yet Again, and lots more fun!


Meanwhile, in Hell…

Owners warned stop kissing pets as U.K. latest to sound the alert over cat infected with coronavirus


Murder hornets, COVID canines, and now

“Zombie cicadas” infected with mind-controlling fungus return to West Virginia


Gets better

The US military is hacking insects with virus DNA, raising fears of dangerous new bio-weapons

Only in 2020


Georgia student expelled for racist social media reinstated, school finds she didn’t post it


Pro-Life Students Arrested For Writing ‘Black Preborn Lives Matter’ On Sidewalk Outside Of DC Planned Parenthood


Petition to tear down the Hollywood sign – or paint it black



Live from Washington DC

Attorney General Barr gets grilled in a way only Max and Phrytzie can.


Jim Class: Book Review

Jim reviews the new book FORTITUDE by US Representative Dan Crenshaw of Texas, a former Navy SEAL who has a lot of value to say to his fellow Americans.

The Fourth or Fifth or So Return of Agent Orange-REDACTED

He tries,folks…he really does…

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

As if COVID, riots, and murder hornets weren’t enough!!

The Shortage in Aluminum Could Spell Big Trouble for Canned Beer Manufacturers


Man arrested for trying to strike up a conversation 


Reckoning with the Racist Past of Bird Names


Florida Man

Florida Man Charged With Hate Crimes for Painting Swastikas on Synagogues


Man arrested after pulling gun during mask argument at Florida Walmart


Florida man accused of steering urine tests to drug lab


Florida man charged in federal $100M fake magazine service conspiracy linked to thousands of Minnesota victims


Florida Man Who Received Millions in Coronavirus Aid Used Money to Buy Lamborghini


Woman Arrested for Trying to Enter Disney World With 2 Guns, Marijuana in 7-Month-Old’s Diaper Bag


Man arrested for pushing 86-year-old out of lift ‘to protect him and wife against virus’


Florida man takes 9-mile turnpike ride on hood of a tractor trailer


Wine of the Week

Cupcake DecadentTrying a new (to us) wine from Cupcake is only a slight gamble, as they have never disappointed us. They didn’t disappoint here, either; In fact,they exceeded expectations. This “decadent” red started out tasting like a Cabernet, but had a more balanced and smooth finish than most cabs. You can enjoy this as either an apertif or as an accompaniment to a fine seafood meal or steak dinner. Widely available.