Spaced Out

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We introdue a new, (hopefully) occasional segment, CALLED IT! We have, sadly, predicted several stupid things happening, often though our sketches, which were NOT intended to be futurist. Oh well….Let’s make the most of it, right?


News of the Weird and Wonderful

NYPD veteran cop chases ghosts in his spare time, moonlighting as a religious demonologist

Viking longboat knocks out power supply in Kirkcudbright


Abby surfs the internet a lot now that she’s slowed down…

Golden Retriever Saved a Kitten Then He Brought It Home And Took Care Of It


Life-saving drones deliver food to dogs stranded by erupting volcano


Ohio dad overcomes bus shortage, transports kids to school in limo



He’s Super, thanks for asking!

Superman comes out as bisexual; ‘not a gimmick,’ writer says


Welcome to the New Abnormal


Janet Yellen Denies IRS Monitoring $600 Transactions Is Spying on Americans


No good deed goes unpunished

Missouri governor threatens legal action against journalist who found flaw that exposed Social Security numbers


Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg on Paid Leave Since Mid-August amid Supply Crisis


Instagram Censors Biologist for Posting Evidence Showing Biological Men Are Stronger Than Women

Slumlord Universtiy, Chapter 2

It was too bad/good not to do a sequel or two. Slumlord Maintenance School is now Slumlord University. 🙂

This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

A man died from rabies after waking up to a bat in his room. It’s Illinois’ first human case of the virus in nearly 70 years. He refused treatment, which is why he’s in this section.


Hunters report ‘nightmare’ after elk take on Wyoming island


A man stopped to help a woman after she crashed. She stole his car with 5 kids inside, NC sheriff says


China’s ‘dancing grannies’ become a problem for locals


Ontario man calls 911 because he’s stuck in traffic and has to go pee


San Francisco approves $20K designer trash cans


News of the Wonderfuller

Amur Tigers Are Back From the Brink in China – Thanks to Government Policies


The tattoo artist covering the scars of self-harm


JV Softball Player Pitches For Opposing Team After Their Pitcher Gets Sick


97-year-old woman believes her motivation to attend family wedding helped her beat breast cancer


This bride didn’t have a gown or photographer on her wedding day. A hospice caregiver helped her redo it, 77 years later.


Florida Man

Police: Lake City man steals car, tries to trade it back to same dealership days later


Florida Man Says He Tried to ‘Show Off’ on First Date With High-Speed Police Chase


Florida Man Allegedly Steals Disney World iPad to Skip Lines, Give Tours


Florida Man Exposed Himself To 7 Toll Collectors


Smeggin’ Thee Stallion

Trail Camera Caught Man’s Illicit Horseplay

Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening – Spaced Out Edition October 17, 2021

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Australia’s Melbourne set to end world’s longest lockdowns


Ted Cruz Praises Delta Air Lines For Not Imposing Federal Vaccine Mandate


Albany pols, NYPD order cops to do nothing as drug addicts shoot up

Overdose deaths in New York City rise by 36% in a year as state officials order NYPD officers not to intervene when they see addicts shooting up in public


Why firefighters are fighting Covid vaccine mandates

Dozens Of Massachusetts State Police Have Resigned Over A Vaccine Mandate, Union Says

Inslee Faces Wa. State Police Exodus Over Vax Mandate w/ No Religious Exemptions



Vaccine rebels vow to paralyze Italy over incoming COVID passport

Chaos erupts in France as vaccine passport protesters clash with armed police

Dutch protest against COVID-19 vaccine pass to enter bars, restaurants


This Vaccine’s Effectiveness Against COVID Drops the Most, New Study Says


Wholly Unrelated

Welcome to the show.

We discuss Bond’s return to the screen (no spoilers, we promise), which we experienced the old fashioned way…at a drive in!

Jim’s Screed

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News of the Weird and Wonderful

Thank GOD for fact checkers

Seawater is salty not ‘because of sperm from blue whales’


Thousands of bees removed from vacant Atlanta home


Four Guinness World Records broken at giant vegetable contest in Britain


Fmr. Manager of DOD Aerospace Threat Program: “UFOs are Real”


‘Fireball’ Meteor Caught On Camera Soaring Over North Carolina At 32,000 MPH

Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening!

Chuck takes us another foray into incredulity.

Welcome to the New Abnormal

WATCH: ‘F*ck Joe Biden’ Chants Ring Out at College Football Stadiums Across the Country


Twitter Censors Obituary of COVID Vaccine Victim


Arizona Audit Finds 86,391 VOTERS Have NO IDENTITY MATCH


Professor Sues UCLA After He Was Suspended For Refusing To Grade Black Students Differently Than White Students


National school board group wants Biden to use the PATRIOT Act against parents


Families suing local hospitals to administer Ivermectin to dying COVID patients


Report of suspicious man on flight prompts emergency landing; incident labeled a ‘misunderstanding’

This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Sonic weapon? Mosquito spray? Nope, it was Trump.

Cuba’s ‘sonic weapon’ may have been mosquito gas

State Department Declassified a Report About Cuba’s ‘Sonic Weapon’


Black Woman Masquerading As Ku Klux Klan Member Terrorized Neighbors, Faces Charges


Deaf Colorado man arrested for not complying with police commands he couldn’t understand, lawsuit says


California parents request judge block public schools from asking students to pray to Aztec gods


American Airlines Passenger Opens Plane’s Emergency Door, Jumps on to Wing


Police find accused leg thief with leg strapped to head


News of the Wonderfuller


Miracle Whip trends on Twitter, causing great debate on the condiment


Dog Trapped 6 Years In A Barn Gets A Makeover And A Brand New Life


Dog missing 19 days in wilderness after fatal wreck gets emotional reunion with mom


Inmates At California Prison Earn Bachelor’s Degrees


A boy with autism said he wished to make friends. On his birthday he got more than 55,000 messages from people around the world.


She prayed while caught in a flash flood. Marines arrived to save her.


Homecoming Queen Gives Crown To Classmate Who Lost Her Mother Hours Prior

Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening – CCW News October 10, 2021

Written by Mélanie Hope

Performed by James Moniz

Video by StormKatt Productions

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The whistleblower who plunged Facebook into crisis



Facebook and its apps start to come back online after stocks tank 



How the Washington Post has changed under Jeff Bezos


Jeff Bezos is now the biggest climate activism donor—and that’s a problem


Jeff Bezos sold $3.4bn of Amazon stock just before Covid-19 collapse


Over 40 Percent of Amazon’s Sellers Are Based in China


How Covid-19 made Amazon’s Jeff Bezos the richest person in history, adjusted for inflation


Amazon’s Jeff Bezos pledges $10 billion to launch Earth Fund for combating climate change


Amazon wins record US tax breaks to expand delivery network



Art gallery repping Hunter Biden received $500K federal COVID loan, records show




The US shipping crisis is not going away as 33 cargo ships float off the coast of LA waiting to dock


Won’t Get The Covid Vaccine? If You’re Fired, You May Not Get Unemployment Benefits



Mayor Bill de Blasio treated NYPD security detail like ‘concierge service,’ DOI report finds


Mayor De Blasio Considers COVID-19 Mandate For NYC First Responders



Associated Press strikes out in school board ‘domestic terrorists’ fact-check



Coyotes Are LITERALLY Using TikTok to Advertise Migrant Trafficking Services


Biden admits he pulled strings to get his friend’s wife into a Pennsylvania hospital AHEAD of other sick people

Literal Political Theater: Biden Caught Using Fake WH Set During Meeting with Business Leaders



Jim’s Facebook post from 0/06/2021:




Brothers and Sisters,


On September 19, 2021, I commited a grave sin against you all. 


I posted a video a friend shared with me featuring a microbiologist who offered an alternative point of view regarding the current and extremely popular treatments for a current and extremely popular illness with a 99+% survival rate, even without the aforementioned treatment.


I swear to you, my intentions were pure and good.


But thanks to a phalanx of independent fact checkers, I have been sternly and rightly rebuked.


After all…


Who am I, a mere mortal with an open mind, to question what multi-billion dollar corporations, and the governments they both support and are supported by, are telling a scared, desperate and willing populace through the most respected media outlets in the land? 


What kind of coward am I, to hesitate to ingest a treatment that thousands of obviously-under-informed medical staffers have lost their jobs over for the egregious error of refusing to take it? 


What kind of tinfoil-hat-wearing nuisance am I, to look into alternative and inexpensive treatments such as sunshine, Vitamins C and D3, that horse paste stuff, or Hydrox Cookie Chloroform, or however it’s pronounced? 


No, my friends, I was way out of line.  And I want you to avoid the pitfalls I didn’t avoid. After all, I have been warned that they are able to reduce the visibility of my posts, which could bring my total readership down from 12 people to as low as 10. Do you really want that for yourself?


And  what if it doesn’t stop there?  What do I do if I get suspended or closed down? The horror of having to read a book, talk to my wife, call a friend, create a story, or post on Minds or Parler instead is too terrifying to even contemplate.


No, do not question His Immaculate Fauciness.


No, do not ask independent fact checkers who they are and are not independent from.


No, do not get your news from anyone other than sources backed by huge media and telecom conglomerates. 


No, do not resist showing your true colors now, even though you previously swore that you don’t trust the government, big business, or the media.


If I have saved one soul through this post, it will have been worth it.


Good night, and God bless.


Ooga Booga

Welcome to the show.

We are now solidly into fall. All the leaves are brown…and the sky is gray…(Okay, not in Texas at the moment. But you get the idea.) Tonight, we discuss (yet again) the Dreaded Ooga Booga Bug, touch on the madness of King Joe, and welcome Agent Orange (at last) to his wedding.


Current Stuff

Congress moves to avert partial government shutdown


News of the Weird and Wonderful

Fed-Up FedEx Delivery Driver Has a Nasty Surprise for Liberal Customers on His Last Day on the Job

‘Missing’ Turkish man joined search party for himself

Gabby Petito Tipsters Lead Searchers to Missing Man’s Body in Same Forest

A Grocery Line Where Slower is Better: Supermarkets Open ‘Chat Checkouts’ to Combat Loneliness Among Elderly

Scientists Develop Insulin That Can Be Kept Without Refrigeration


Special Guest – the State of the State of Washington

We speak with a Washingtonian who is keeping tabs on the recently vaccinated. Big Tech won’t want you to listen to this.


Welcome to the New Abnormal

Las Vegas first bans free speech, then assaults its own Lt. Governor

The resolution


Jailed for telling the truth: Father reveals his US Lt. Col. Marine son is languishing in THE BRIG for blasting leaders over chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal


Biden’s Vax Mandate To Be Enforced By Fining Companies $70,000 To $700,000?


Saying this now to record my prediction: once this goes through, these tests are magically going to start detecting infinitely MORE cases and variants that must be treated.

George Soros And Bill Gates’ Backed Consortium To Buy U.K. Maker Of Covid Tests For $41 Million


Trust the Science? CDC Counts People Who Died Within 14 Days of Jab as “Unvaccinated”


If he dies… 

Jeremy Chardy: I regret getting vaccinated, I have series of problems now


News of the Wonderfuller

Deprived of work by COVID, prison escapee turns himself in after 30 years of beach life on the lam

At-risk youth find their voices through performance art

Sam Holness becomes the first known triathlete with autism to complete Ironman 70.3 World Championship

Utah Ice Center Makes Snow So Dying Dog Can Enjoy It One Last Time

Man Delivers Donated RVs to Wildfire Victims and Now 95 Families Have a Place to Stay

He lost his vision at 7, but went on to become a starting quarterback


Agent Orange and Larry Get Married…

Or do they? Stay tuned.