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Join us as we get one day closer to our inevitable doom. We will have some fun on the way to the showdown, with Chuck giving us the lowdown and a Weird and Wonderful hoedown!.


Current Events

Hasta la Vista, YouTube Yutzes

We have been shut down by these people for the last time. We are effectively leaving YouTube, as they are enemies of free speech and mouthpieces for Big Government, Big Pharma, and Big Ag. They are light years removed from what they started out being, and we are all the worse for it. We will soon be taking down all of our videos on YT, and referring viewers to Rumble and BitChute, where we are experiencing good growth. We will also be posting some videos to Brighteon.

We no longer feel that the effort we have put in to our YouTube channel is paying off. We have documented proof that we have been shadow banned, as well as getting warnings and shutdowns for reasons that are suspect, to put it nicely. So long, ding dongs.

October 1 Massacre: Five years later

We review the events of the worst night in Las Vegas history. We say some stuff that would get us banned off of YouTube, if we cared enough to post our shows there anymore.

Don Lemon steps down, as does Trevor Noah

This is what happens when you put your agenda ahead of your job. Buh-Bye.

Citizens For Sanity Takes Aim At Woke Left With Humor, Precision

This is great stuff.


News of the Weird and Wonderful

More weird than wonderful

Merriam-Webster adds ‘yeet,’ ‘sus,’ ‘pumpkin spice’ to dictionary

Man leaves people speechless with ‘life-changing’ technique for using bubble wands

US Woman Sends “Edible Resume” Printed On A Cake To Nike

Jewelry company selling ‘Pumpkin Spice Latte’ ring worth $11K

World’s largest bobblehead unveiled in Pennsylvania

These Santa Clara Men’s Cross County team pictures are everything you need

More wonderful than weird:

Drinking 3 cups of coffee a day is linked to a longer lifespan, according to a huge new study

Police Dog That Saved 38 Lives During 8-year Career is Honored for Bravery–And Now Gets to Play on the Beach

Man Surprises 100-Year-Old Veteran With A Last-Minute Trip To Disneyland

Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening!

Chuck spends a good amount of time drinking and smoking, because of the things he has been reporting on. Tune in to find out whay he is slowly going insane.

It’s Only WWIII — Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening!


Seismologists suspect explosions damaged undersea pipelines that carry Russian gas

Nord Stream pipeline leaks prompt investigations, recall Biden’s threats to ‘bring an end’ to Nordstream 2 if Russia invades Ukraine

Sabotage suspected after unexplained leaks found on major Russian gas pipelines

Biden Threatens to End Nord Stream 2 If Russia Invades Ukraine



Patrol spots Chinese, Russian naval ships off Alaska island


House January 6 committee postpones public hearing because of hurricane


Iran summons UK envoy amid anti-government protests

Why Iranian women are burning their hijabs after the death of Mahsa Amini


‘She was 12, I was 30’: Biden leaves viewers stunned in teachers speech


Stacey Abrams Claims Fetal Heartbeats Don’t Exist, Were ‘Manufactured’ by Men to ‘Control’ Women

Why Stacey Abrams still won’t concede


California Bans Sale of Natural Gas Heaters by 2030



Electric car chargepoint operator Osprey ups rates to record £1 per kWh making it pricier than fuelling a petrol model



Biden team worked with social media companies to censor content, records show

Antivaxxers Are Using the Carrot Emoji to Disguise Talking About the Jab

Facebook shuts down 100,000-member group for using carrot emoji to refer to covid vaccines, because no discussion of vaccine injuries shall be allowed

What is the origin of the Christian fish symbol?

Lessons Learned From The French Underground


Trump’s 1776 Commission Is A White Supremacist’s Revisionist Dream


FBI Whistleblower Claims Bureau Exaggerated Domestic Terrorism Threat, Harassed Jan. 6th Trump Supporters

FBI misled judge who signed warrant for Beverly Hills seizure of $86 million in cash



Congressional Republicans Demand Mayorkas Release Report on Venezuelan Convicts Crossing the Border



Biden Effort to Combat Hunger Marks ‘a Profound Change’


For CCW News, this has been Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening.

I’m Chuck U. Farley.

Good night, and may God help us.

Like Cats and Dogs

Jim’s New Gig

This week, Jim is beginning a new career as a trainee fior Christian Care Ministry, the nation’s largest health care sharing community. We will be talking more about the benefits of this plan in the coming weeks. For now, we’re just celebrating Jim finding a career path that matches his strengths, and gives him an opportunity to share his faith.


Current Events


Canadian high school defends transgender teacher who wore enormous prosthetic breasts underneath tight T-shirt to class

Rolling Stone, of course, sees killing the kid as a wonderful thing. We need to talk about this.

She Wanted An Abortion. Now The Embryo Is Suing Her Doctors

Billionaire bunkers: How the world’s wealthiest are paying to escape reality

News of the Weird and Wonderful

More weird than wonderful: Animal Rescue Edition

Deer rescued from mesh hammock in the Florida Keys

Bald eagle rescued after truck collision on New York highway

Alligator floats along the lazy river at Illinois water park

Horse rescued from owner’s backyard pool in California

Seal leaves Massachusetts pond after about a week

Deputies wrangle loose emu wandering near North Carolina road

More wonderful than weird:

Actually, why are we waiting for an excuse to use this?

Climate change could bring back wind as the future power source for ocean cargo ships

The Internet Reacts To A Hilarious Photo Of A Cat Standing Up

Top 10 Childish Things Grown Men Still Do — And Still Enjoy Doing


She’s So Phrytzie!

CCW’s Sweetheart helps train the new puppy…sort of.


Welcome to the New World Order

A Tesla owner says he was locked out of his electric car after the battery died — an issue that he says would cost over $20,000 to fix

An Anti-ESG Activist Investor Presses for Changes at Apple and Disney

Staff Of Aeroflot & Other Russian Airlines Receive Conscription Notices

Nuclear War ‘Already a Given’ Says Russian TV: ‘Everyone Will Be Destroyed’

This is Why we Can’t Have Nice things

Notorious Rikers Island NYC lockup seeing ‘all-time-high’ number of drugs smuggled in by mail: ‘Major problem’

A Federal Judge Has Ordered the Release of More Than 100 Patients From the State’s Locked Psychiatric Hospital. No One Is Sure What Happens Next.

This is actually hilarious. The left literally doesn’t want what it wants and will burn down cities to not get what they demand.

Atlanta wants to build a massive police training facility in a forest. Neighbors are fighting to stop it

Man pleads guilty to dousing ‘Bewitched’ statue in red paint

Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening!

Joe is a creeper, Stacey’s a *BLEEP*er, Recharging your car in the UK will make you a weeper.


News of the Wonderfuller

A Boy With Cancer Asked To See Monsters. 1,000 People Showed Up In Costumes

Three of their four kids are losing their vision. So, they’re going on a year-long world tour to make visual memories, before it’s too late

A Royal Pain — Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening!



The big news this week was the hours-long queue waiting to see Queen Elizabeth the second while she was lying in state.

No, the news isn’t about the Queen, it’s about the line to see the dead queen.

In a lovely show of solidarity that no other nation would understand, British people of all walks of life patiently and politely lined up to say farewell to their Queen. Regular citizens calmly waited in the miles-long line alongside such notable names as footballer David Beckham and rock legend Sharon Osborne. Anyone jumping the line was summarily, and rightfully, admonished. Once the queue was closed for the evening, faithful Brits queued up to queue up for the queue once the official queue opened again the next day. …except for those that attempted to sell their wristbands on eBay for upwards of 70 thousand pounds.

I swear I am not making this up.

‘We’re Part of History’: An Overnight Wait to Bid Farewell to Queen Elizabeth

Tilda Swinton, David Beckham, Sharon Osbourne and Other Celebs Spotted in the Massive Queue to Honor Queen Elizabeth II

Ebay removes listings for Queen’s lying in state wristbands selling for up to £70k


The lesser news is that the Biden family flew Air Force One over with an accompanying cargo jet carrying 15 gas-guzzling SUVs (including the famed BEAST) so that they could get stuck in traffic on their way to the funeral, for which they were late. The Bidens were then relegated to the nosebleed section with the other riff raff so cameras would hopefully miss Old Joe playing with his tongue, coughing into his fist, and eventually, but predictably, falling asleep.

Joe Biden greets mourners as ‘The Beast’ gets stuck in traffic en route to the Queen’s funeral

Biden Shames America and Insults the Crown With His Behavior at the Queen’s Funeral

Trump Says He Would’ve Had Better Seat Than Biden at Queen’s Funeral


Later in the week, 60 Minutes released a pre-taped interview with the Mushmouth in Chief during which he repeated his tired “deer in kevlar” non-joke to validate his revoking the second Amendment, mumbled his way through a thoroughly unconvincing argument that he’s mentally capable, bragged about causing the highest inflation rate in 40 years because it’s only SLOWLY moving up now, still swore up and down that he knew nothing about weaponizing and siccing his own DOJ on anyone even tangentially related to Trump, and declared the forever pandemic over without so much as a nod to the CDC and other totalitarian entities that vehemently disagreed. The broadcast was aired after Pelosi and several other inside traders made exceptionally lucrative trades, and just before those stocks all tanked.

The Prince of Profundity also quadrupled down on his statement that the US will, indeed go to hot war with China over Taiwan, which the Whitehouse once again negated, because everyone knows Braindead Brandon can barely dress himself, much less lead an entire nation.

President Joe Biden: The 2022 60 Minutes Interview

Moderna, BioNTech, and Novavax plunge after President Biden says the COVID-19 pandemic ‘is over’

Biden tells 60 Minutes U.S. troops would defend Taiwan, but White House says this is not official U.S. policy

See every stock trade House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband has made since 2021


As if inflation and elitists demanding that we switch to coal-powered cars weren’t enough, thanks to the greenies, the world is now facing a beer shortage due to lack of CO2.

I swear I am not making this up.

U.S. beer shortage looms with gap in carbon dioxide supply


Speaking of greenhouse hysteria, in the great Communist utopia of California, climate change was blamed for a mass fish die off in the San Francisco harbor. California is known for blaming everything on climate change, from their ever increasing homeless population to governor Newsom’s need to wear a parka in his frigid office while telling people to turn off their air conditioners during heatwaves.

When scientists stopped virtue signaling and actually investigated, it was found that the algae bloom was caused by an overabundance of human waste, much of which emanated from Newsome’s speeches.

Thousands of dead fish are covering Bay Area beaches after red tide hits region

Poop and pee fueled the huge algae bloom in San Francisco Bay. Fixing the problem could cost $14 billion


Elites in Martha’s Vineyard, a well-known sanctuary city, were so upset at the 50 — YES, FIVE-ZERO — immigrants who sought sanctuary there, that they called the National Guard and had them immediately deported to a military prison…er…nearby Army base. The 50 illegal immigrants represented zero point zero zero zero one percent of the number of invaders the Biden cabal forces on border states each DAY.

The only thing liberal elites hate more than being inconvenienced is actually getting what they ask for.

Of course, liberals rushed to file lawsuits against Florida, Texas, and Arizona, claiming that the migrants were “tricked” into being relocated and were treated as political pawns because the three governors were flying and bussing dozens of them to other parts of the country in broad daylight, instead of thousands of them under cover of night, like the Biden regime has been doing since day one.

Ron DeSantis sends two planes of illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard

Two migrant buses from Texas arrive outside VP Kamala Harris’ DC residence

Migrants sent to Martha’s Vineyard are being rehoused on a base in Cape Cod


Speaking of travel debacles…

At the Lagos airport, Nigerian customs officers became suspicious of a group of 16 bags because of their foul odor. Upon investigating, the authorities reportedly intercepted 7,000 smuggled donkey penises heading for Hong Kong.

I swear I am not making this up.

Thousands of donkey penises seized in smuggling operation between Nigeria and Hong Kong

Smelly Sacks Containing 7,000 Smuggled Donkey Penises Intercepted at Nigerian Airport


The FBI, otherwise known as King Brandon’s personal Gestapo, has such an abysmal track record that they’ve begun to desperately invade, interrogate, and seize the belongings of anyone they can get their mitts on, no matter how ridiculous the charges. This week, FBI officers confiscated MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell’s cell phone outside of a Hardee’s burger joint, based on a warrant that cited, QUOTE “authorization or lack of authorization to damage or modify any Dominion computerized voting system.” END QUOTE, because — as we’ve all been told ad nauseum — the world’s most free, fair, and SECURE election could absolutely, positively not — I repeat NOT — be affected by any outside influencers, particularly a pillow pusher on his iPhone, so they had to confiscate said phone. It should be noted that Lindell is currently embroiled in a 1.3 billion dollar lawsuit with Dominion because he hurt their feefees.

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell claimed the FBI seized his phone outside a Hardee’s: ‘My hearing aids run off this!’

A judge has rejected MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell’s appeal to dismiss Dominion’s $1.3 billion lawsuit against him


Thanks to the Biden cabal’s endless vicarious war with Russia, Putin has called up another 300,000 soldiers and is now threatening both the US and Europe with nuclear war. Biden directly addressed this threat by creepily whispering, “Don’t. Don’t. Don’t,” a plea that any warmongering dictator would respect. Putin has no fear of retribution from what was once the strongest nation in the world because, when the current leader of the once-free country isn’t giving satanic hate speeches condemning half his subjects, he’s sending billions of their tax dollars overseas to continue wars that destroy the economy further so that he has to raise our taxes so that he can send more of them overseas. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Putin Calls Up More Troops as His War Effort Falters

Ooga Booga got us

mpered For Years

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The Ooga Booga Bug still has us by the, uh, throats, but that won’t stop us from giving you another evening of high-quality entertainment! Welcome to CounterCutureWISE


Current Events

Puerto Rico is 100% without power as Hurricane Fiona touches down


The assault on Martha’s Vineyard continues

Martha’s Vineyard Residents Begged for Mass Immigration Until Migrant Flights Arrived: ‘They Have to Move’


Alan Alda, Mike Farrell mark 50th anniversary of ‘MASH’

News of the Weird and Wonderful

More weird than wonderful –

‘Unpatriotic’ raccoons repeatedly invade official’s home, poop on flag


Google mistakenly deposits $249,999 into security expert’s account


Why one Alabama town erects monuments to the boll weevil


Bear wanders onto Colorado State University campus, climbs tree


Arizona shop’s 266 milkshake flavors earn Guinness World Record

More wonderful than weird:

A Virginia man thought he won $600 on a scratch-off. When he went to cash it in officials told him it was actually $1 million.


Golden retriever missing for 3 months found by Colorado officers doing drone training


I like this sheriff

Brevard sheriff slams accused animal abuser


Missing cat returns home, rings doorbell in New York

The Meanderthals

A classic from thr vaults.

Welcome to the New World Order

Gavin Newsom Signs California Social Media Censorship Bill into Law


Facebook Bans Holocaust Film for Violating Race Policy


Biden Administration Claims It Has Taken ‘Unprecedented Action’ to Secure Border


This is Why we Can’t Have Nice things

Man Lost in Colorado Wilderness Nearly Left Behind by Rescue Helicopter After Searchers Mistake Distress Calls for ‘Hello’

News of the Wonderfuller


Jeep Brings World’s Largest Rubber Duck To Detroit Auto Show To Celebrate ‘Ducking’ Movement


If you’ve never seen this, you owe it to yourself:

The Bit with the Ducks (James Veitch is a terrible roommate)


Officers Discovered A Noise Complaint Was A Girl Celebrating Her Quinceañera. So, They Helped Her Celebrate


Denver airport has the world’s largest animal therapy program


Florida Man

Florida Man Charged With Stealing Nearly $200K From A Local McDonald’s


Florida Man Takes Date On Police Chase


Florida man arrested after toddlers found wandering half-naked in Walmart parking lot


Florida man to pay $128 million in health care fraud guilty plea


End Note:

Safari Park Worker is Best Friends With Lion That He’s Cuddled and Pa

Keep Calm — Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening!


Left-wing academic violates Twitter rules by wishing Queen Elizabeth II an ‘excruciating’ death


Boy, 17, dies and another fighting for life after street fight involving ‘mob of men with machetes’

Why Did British Police Ignore Pakistani Gangs Abusing 1,400 Rotherham Children? Political Correctness

Priti Patel ‘worried fear of looking racist’ stopped police tackling sweat shops


British authorities arrest suspect in 1996 Manchester IRA bombing

Man released after arrest



2008 all over again? BofA just launched a test of zero-down-payment, zero-closing cost mortgages for minority communities


Visa to start categorizing gun shop sales separately



Washington mayor declares public emergency over migrant arrivals from Texas, Arizona



DOJ and Trump each propose 2 special masters for Mar-a-Lago probe