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Tonight, Phrytzie and Max report from Davos and we introduce the newest products from CCW Labs! Plus all of the other segments you know and love. Tune in for the fun!

The Lucky 13

New Harvard Research: To Be Successful, Chase Your Purpose, Not Your Passion

The story of Aaliyah and The New One

News of the Weird and Wonderful

More weird than wonderful

Bizarre obituary praises Utah dad Michael Haight, who killed wife, five kids


Up in flames, up for sale: Tennessee mansion goes on market with hilarious Zillow listing


More wonderful than weird:

Not wonderful, nor are we celebrating this, but not sure where to put this.

Los Angeles wrong-way hit-and-run driver who plowed into mom and baby in stolen car wants early release

Los Angeles hit-and-run driver who plowed into mom and baby in stolen car is murdered after light sentence

Overwhelmed teacher can’t control her tears as students gift her something she long wanted

Not what you might expect…

Montana cop pulls over Native American/Black couple for bad brake lights

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Welcome to the New Abnormal

Texas brewery cancels anti-censorship rally featuring Kyle Rittenhouse: ‘Doesn’t reflect our values’

AAAND even Vegas is against free speech

Event featuring Kyle Rittenhouse on Las Vegas Strip canceled

Area 51 expert slams US government for raiding his home: I’ve lost faith in the justice system

World Economic Felines

Max and Phrytzie report from the World Economic Forum, a lovely place where real-life Bond Villains discuss means of taking over the world. It goes about as well as expected.

News of the Wonderfuller

Cancer Plummets, Guinea Worm Eradicated, Bye-Bye Ebola—3 Huge Wins for Humanity

For 10 Years, An Alabama Farmer Secretly Paid People’s Pharmacy Bills

Father Donates Own Kidney To Stranger After Teenage Daughter Saved By Transplant

Florida Man

Puppy shoots Florida man, deputies say

Funeral home employee found dead hours after accusation of sexual abuse of a corpse

‘Don’t see that every day’: Flaming Corvette whizzes by police in Bradenton

Miami Man Injured by Falling Iguana During Outdoor Yoga Class

Man Charged With In-Flight Assault After Attempted Escape From Gassy Airline Passenger


Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening — What Fresh Hell Edition, New Years, 2023


Andrew Tate Mocked After Pizza Tweet to Thunberg May Have Led to Arrest

Fact Check: Did Andrew Tate’s Pizza Box Tip Off Romanian Police?


Andrew Tate arrested in human trafficking probe as pizza box reveals his location



Sam Bankman-Fried Likely To Be Transferred To The Same Jail Where Jeffrey Epstein Allegedly Committed Suicide



Rep.-elect George Santos apologizes for “embellishing” resume



Trump Tax Returns Amount To Nothing

Donald Trump paid $0 in taxes in 2020. He’s not alone: 60% of households also paid no federal income tax that year, but for very different reasons.


North Korea fires 3 missiles amid tensions over drone flights

Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening — Extra Classified Edition, January 2023



Classified documents from Biden’s time as VP discovered in private office

Joe Biden will face special investigation over classified documents stored in his garage

Biden’s lawyer says additional classified documents found, GOP calls for new probes




McCarthy amplifies vow to keep Schiff, Swalwell off Intel Committee

Ilhan Omar: US congresswoman defends ‘offensive’ Israel remark

FBI Investigating Whether Ilhan Omar Married Her Brother


Climate Change’s Extreme Temperatures Could Mean More Heart Deaths

Lisa Marie Presley, 54, Dies After Sudden Cardiac Arrest


Ban Gas Stoves? Just the Idea Gets Some in Washington Boiling.

Gas stove fight is more elite culture-war nonsense




Flights delayed across the US after FAA system outage

FAA’s NOTAM computer outage affected military flights



Man faces terror charge for damaging power plant outside Las Vegas


The weirdest thing about this story is how DIFFICULT it was to find. Let’s see if you can determine why…

Man Arrested After Alleged Terror Incident at Vegas Power Plant



‘I can’t defend that,’ says art gallery owner after outrage over spraying homeless woman with hose



The U.S. Government Funded Chinese Military Research

China developing “suicide” military helmets equipped with remote self-destruct capabilities, initiated by their commander

Climate Attacks

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RIP Diamond, Lisa Marie Presley, Robbie Knieval, and Jeff Beck (also Robbie Bachman)

News of the Weird and Wonderful

More weird than wonderful

There has never been a better time to be short

If you love this song it could be a sign you’re a psychopath

It’s the headline that’s funny…
Loose cow visits Olive Garden restaurant in Oklahoma

More wonderful than weird:

Singing Bus Driver Becomes a Star After Making Music Video to Show Family in India What He Did for Work 

Compounds That Can Stop COVID From Infecting Human Cells Discovered in a Sea Sponge

82-Year-Old Walmart Cashier Retires After TikToker Raises Over $100,000

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Welcome to the New Abnormal

Texas father loses son to mother wanting to change gender

Study claims trans patients unhappy with their new bodies are ‘transphobic’

After completely running out of ideas and fans, DC released a comic in which the Joker becomes pregnant and gives birth to a mud monster who transforms into a child-version of himself who he adopts as his son.

NIH-Funded “Food Pyramid” Rates Lucky Charms Healthier Than Steak

A USC office removes ‘field’ from its curriculum, citing possible racist connotations

This is Why we Can’t Have Nice things

Woman who won $43million was offered a steak dinner instead of her winnings by casino

Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening!

Lisa Mariew, Joe, McCarthy, and so much more!

News of the Wonderfuller

U.S. Will No Longer Require Animal Testing for New Drugs

A developmentally disabled man was lost in a blizzard with frostbite. On Christmas Eve, a woman helped save his life.

DoorDash Driver Working On Christmas Eve Leaves Letter In Customer’s Mailbox

Martin Luther King Quotes

Three Rings

Welcome to the show.

Tonight, we talk ablut what went RIGHT with the election of Kevin McCarthy to Speaker of the House, Chuck regales us with more true tales of stupidity, and we return to Slumlord University for another inside look at the racket of maintenance requests. This and so much more!


News of the Weird and Wonderful

More weird than wonderful

Only here because it’s hilarious watching them eat each other…

Rivian R1T Owner Targeted by HOA for Parking in Their Driveway


A 15-metric ton meteorite crashed in Africa. Now 2 new minerals have been found in it


Nighttime scorpion hunts at Kuwait base so popular with US troops that there’s a waitlist


This hotel rents out goldfish to lonely guests who may be in need of some company for a night


Suzi sent this one (wonder why)

Utah’s ‘porn-sniffing dog’ dies after putting numerous offenders behind bars


Why are antennas popping up all over the foothills?

More wonderful than weird:


Buffalo storm ‘hero’ known as ‘Merry Christmas Jay’ speaks out


Tradition of ‘New Year’s Hike’ Reaches All 50 US States


Pig grunts reveal their emotions


This is MY America

Bills win for Damar Hamlin, eliminate Patriots from playoffs


Slumlord University

Did we mention this is all based on true stories?

This is Why we Can’t Have Nice things

Wells Fargo to pay


Spiders force school to close temporarily after biting student, teacher


Dark chocolate from popular brands may contain heavy metals, report finds


Alligators, goat, raccoon and hedgehogs among more than 100 animals seized from home


Woman Arrested For Stealing Man’s $12,000 Watch And Stashing It In Her….


There’s overreactions, and then there’s this guy. Way to make all gun owners look like morons, buddy.

Georgia tire shop customer kills employee who moved his car


2 women sentenced for murder of O’Reilly Auto Parts store manager in Detroit

Holy Crap

It’s all true and sad.

News of the Wonderfuller

From October…

A 10-year-old girl was devastated to leave her cat behind when her family fled Ukraine. But they recently reunited in California.

Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening — Why won’t they Listen? Edition, January 2023


Open revolt: McCarthy rejected a second time

3 strikes for McCarthy — but he’s not out yet

McCarthy loses seventh vote for speaker as he struggles to lock down votes

GOP lawmaker had to be restrained while confronting Gaetz. Hear what he told him


Former Rep. Adam Kinzinger joins CNN


Jordan Peterson Could Face College Tribunal Over Social Media Posts




Crocs called out for sponsoring drag show with children



Virgin Islands Attorney General Loses Her Job Days After Suing JPMorgan Chase in Connection with the Jeffrey Epstein Probe

Biden arrives in US Virgin Islands to relax between holidays



Ashli Babbitt’s mother arrested by Capitol Police during Jan. 6 protest