Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening! Domestic Terrorist Edition, November 12, 2023


The big news this week is that the RNC had another debate, moderated by only Republican-hating pundits, and which Trump basically won again by simply not being present.


Ramaswamy, Haley and DeSantis spar over Trump, abortion and the economy



Meanwhile, the Guardian, CNN, and other Pravda parrots are running new hit pieces on President Trump, calling him a dictator because he pointed out that Biden has weaponized the DOJ and FBI to go after his political rivals, like only a losing dictator would do.

Reporters were either too stupid or too corrupt to understand that such tactics would not apply to Trump if he were re-re-elected in 2024, mainly because he is NOT a corrupt, senile cabbage who could only win by weaponizing the DOJ and FBI to target his opponents.


Trump suggests he would use FBI to go after political rivals if elected in 2024

Joe Biden Isn’t Popular. That Might Not Matter in 2024



In Tuesday’s election, more than 300 voting machines in Pennsylvania’s Northampton County were deemed to have a “coding error” which caused votes to flip to the opposite of what the voter chose. Rather than fix the problem and ensure it never happens again, the county obtained a court order that allowed the machines to continue to be used.

I swear, I am not making this up.

But don’t worry, voters! Since the absolutely pristine, perfect, fair, and free elections of 2020, no matter how many pre-printed votes are counted, or boxes of mail-in ballots show up after 3 am, and no matter how many machines are illegally connected to the internet, or break down, or flip your vote before your eyes, or reject your ballot altogether, you can sleep soundly knowing that Democrats have promised, once again, that everything will be <a-hem> FIXED on the back side…


Pa. county voting machines flip votes for judges, an error to be fixed in tabulation



Seven Nashville cops are on paid leave because ONE of them did their job by informing and possibly protecting the public by releasing parts of the Nashville shooter’s progressive, racist manifesto.

Not all heroes wear capes.

Since the mockingbird Press wasn’t willing to report on it, it was scooped by long-canceled comedian Stephen Crowder. Rather than react to the atrocity of both the original act and that the reasons behind it were systematically hidden from the public, the Press instead chose to shoot the messenger.

The ironic part of the story is that Crowder stated none of the seven officers punished were the informant.


Nashville mayor orders investigation after Covenant School shooter’s writings were posted online



The number one YouTuber, Mr. Beast, is under fire from the tolerant, underdog-supporting leftoids for digging wells in Kenya because it’s somehow RAAAACIST to actually help people in need.

While the villagers danced for joy as soon as they saw clean, fresh water spring up, WHITE, upper class US progressives say the move “embarrassed” the ineffective Kenyan government even though it should be embarrassed for not bothering to take a few minutes to provide its citizens with clean drinking water.


MrBeast builds 100 wells in Africa, attracting praise – and some criticism



Both Republicans and Democrats voted to censure Rashida Tlaib after she came out in rabid support of her family…uh…terrorist organization Hamas. While she shouted and tweeted, “From the River to the Sea!” in a near-perfect German accent, her littermate, Ilhan Omar, chose to shriek at decibels only crack-addicted Chihuahuas could hear.

The only Squad member that managed to outperform their fake crying and shrieking did so by pulling a fire alarm.


House passes resolution to censure Tlaib over Israel comments



Speaking of domestic terrorists, the FBI never bothered to get involved when celebrities like George Lopez, Marilyn Manson, and Kathy Griffin proudly posted images of them decapitating the sitting President of the United States, nor did they bother when multiple public figures from Madonna to Johnny Depp loudly announced that they wanted to assassinate him.

The FBI admits to repeatedly ignoring persons of interests who later shot up schools. It does not bother with Muslims bombing music venues and mowing down joggers with their trucks of peace. It turns a blind eye from Hamas and Boko Haram sauntering through our wide open borders. It could not care less about BLM or Antifa looting and burning down their own cities.

But under the Biden administration, the FBI *has* officially announced that those who seek to uphold the Constitution or don’t want their grade schoolers shown gay porn are QUOTE “the highest threat to America” END QUOTE

This means that, in the eyes of the FBI, the only *REAL* terrorist threats to the USA are the people whose tax dollars fund the FBI.


Comedian George Lopez catches the attention of the Secret Service after a Trump joke. He’s not the first.

FBI got tip on alleged Florida shooter Nikolas Cruz in January, but didn’t ‘follow protocols’

Suspected shooter in attacks on Jewish men was on FBI’s radar, LAPD chief says

Alleged NYC attacker Trevor Bickford was on FBI radar since Dec. 10, sources say


Whistleblower docs show use of FBI counterterrorism tactics on parents


US House Judiciary Republicans: DOJ labeled dozens of parents as terrorist threats


For CCW News, this has been Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening.


I’m Chuck U. Farley.

Good night, and may God help us.



Actors celebrate a return to work after SAG-AFTRA strike ends

Thousands attend Waco Veterans Day Parade on its 100th year anniversary

TDSer of the Week…

Hitlery Clinton


News of the Weird and Wonderful

More weird than wonderful

Think I’ll stick to the Sunoco station…

Most inconvenient convenience store

Mommy, where does Pepto-Bismol come from?

Drought conditions blamed for pink pond in Hawaii


Moose eats Halloween pumpkin off Alaska woman’s porch


More wonderful than weird

Melanie didn’t know this hall existed, of course, Jim did.

Toy hall of fame inducts Cabbage Patch Kids, baseball cards

This is a thing.

Idaho man, ‘Amazing Race’ contestants attempt chopsticks in a beard record


The FBI’s Prioties, Clean water is racist, and so much more. Chuck keeps the hits coming.

This is Why we Can’t Have Nice things


Tesla will sue you for $50,000 if you try to resell your Cybertruck in the first year

I love New Zealanders…

Accused walks free, ‘victim’ sent to jail for calling alleged burglar’s lawyer a ‘f***wit’ in Christchurch court


Airplane crew discovered missing window panes after takeoff, turned around

Rogue. Yeah, that’s the word.

‘Rogue’ daycare workers busted for allegedly running child fight ring

Gonna take it right intlo the danger zone…

Cop Pulled Gun on Fellow Officer Who Threatened to Spoil ‘Top Gun: Maverick’; Jury Gives Him 100 Hours of Community Service and More


News of the Wonderfuller


Dog Leads Owner To Lost Cat Trapped 100 Feet Down Mine Shaft

Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening — No news is good news edition, November 5, 2023


The big news this week is that it’s a slow news week with little else to report, other than World War Three and the seventy-fifth Trump indictment.



New York’s meat eating vegan mayor Eric Adams traveled to Washington DC to meet with lawmakers in hopes of solving his illegal immigrant crisis, but before he could whine to a single Congress member, he had to go home to deal with an FBI raid on his campaign manager.

It seems that, during his 2021 run for office, he received some questionable funding from Turkey, where he has been known to travel frequently on the state’s dime. While six of his fundraisers have already been indicted, the government has yet to bring any charges on Adams himself. We’ll have to wait and see if the well-timed raid shuts him up about his immigrant problem.

Mayor Adams abruptly cancels migrant crisis meeting at White House to ‘deal with a matter’ in NYC

FBI raids home of Mayor Adams’ top campaign fundraiser as part of federal corruption probe




Speaking of the Big, Rotten Apple, New York State police have begun going door-to-door — without any warrants — in search of ghost guns. They’re using receipts from Amazon to conduct what they call “knock and talks” to bully citizens who may have ordered anything that is perfectly legal, but the gestapo doesn’t approve of.

As part of their program, they offered law enforcement a free webinar complete with a publicly available comprehensive guide named “Ghost guns, past, present, and future” that gives step-by-step instructions for how to make your own guns, including 3D printing instructions and patterns.

I swear, I am not making this up.

…oh, yes, and the pdf is available on CounterCultureWISE.com

NY’s Door-to-Door Crusade Against Homemade Guns Backfires, Unintentional Masterclass in Ghost-Gunsmithing

NYC teen manufactured ghost guns from his mother’s day care

Sen. Joni Ernst Warns Biden Administration Against Warrantless ‘Knock and Talk’ Gun Checks

NYPD’s guide: https://www.ammoland.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/10/NYPD-Ghostguns.pdf




Worried about what is in your processed food? While Tyson is adding shrapnel to its chicken nuggets, WanaBana has added lead to their applesauce.

No, I am not making either of these up.

Tyson recalls 30,000 pounds of chicken nuggets after consumers report finding metal pieces

More fruit pouches for kids are recalled due to illnesses linked to lead




Meanwhile, as the Biden cabal extorts money from taxpayers so that he can fund both sides of two wars, Ukrainian president Zelensky is complaining that the Israel conflict is stealing his thunder. At a briefing in Kyiv, Zelensky said QUOTE “It’s clear that the war in the Middle East is taking away the focus” from Ukraine. END QUOTE In a move he learned from American democrats, he blamed the hot war in Israel…

…on Russia.

Zelensky says Israel-Gaza conflict taking focus away from fighting

Clocking In

Welcome to the show.

We double up on the Holy Crap segments and Slumlord University sketches, and discuss the ongoing stupidity that is Daylight Savings Time!
All this, plus, news of the weird, wonderful, and wicked.


AKA The History of a Really Stupid Idea.

History of Daylight Saving Time (DST)

Review of the new single by The Beatles. (Not something we would have imagined saying in 2023.)

TDSer of the Week…or is he?

Voldemort Zelensky

Zelensky calls for more U.S. aid, challenges Trump to ‘end war’

Holy Crap!

We Double the Chuck tonight, with the Halloween and November 5 Editions.

News of the Weird and Wonderful

Sweet Story

A Florida boy called 911 without an emergency. Instead, he just wanted to hug an officer

This is the kind of neghborhood we want to live in,

Missing Halloween for heart surgery: Neighbors throw early trick-or-treat surprise for 4-year-old girl

No idea how he got there…no one’s telling us. Still, great job!

Dramatic Video Shows Police Save Farmer Buried In Mountain Of Grain In Silo

This is Why we Can’t Have Nice things

Look, Margaret! A Ruby Breasted Givea****!

Nearly 80 bird species names with racist roots are about to be changed


Man arrested for ramming car through gate at S.C. nuclear power plant

Get the lead out!

More fruit pouches for kids are recalled due to illnesses linked to lead

Jim says he should know better. Melanie doesn’t think it’s a big deal. You decide.

Croatian foreign minister sparks controversy by making attempt to kiss German peer

Slumlord University

Tonight, “The Perfesser” gives us two classes for the price of none: The Magic of Debris and The Wonders of the Month-to-Month Lease. Please keep in mind as you (hopefully) laugh at this stuff: These are all based on real events that your hosts have been subjected to over the years, individually and as a couple.

News of the Wonderfuller

Caregiver saves 95-year-old from Hamas terrorist with bribe

Colleyville TX 5th graders combine allowances, donations to help classmate see in color: “My friends are true”

Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening! Scary but True Edition, All Hallow’s Eve, 2023


While Hamas continues to pummel both Israel and US troops, the wheezer in Chief swore that if they didn’t let up, he’d retaliate with the ferocity of a sternly worded letter. If that.

Meanwhile all three leaders of Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Israeli Jihad met in Beirut. In a Four Seasons hotel. All in one place at once.

No, I swear I am not making this up. The three most wanted terrorist leaders had a powwow in plain sight, and the only thing they were shot with was media cameras.

Heads of Hamas, Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad meet as queen of Jordan rips ‘glaring double standard’ of West



Congress was finally able to vote in a new Speaker of the House. Louisiana Representative Mike Johnson was voted in unanimously by Republicans, garning a collective public outcry of “Who is Mike Johnson?” Once the Democrats figured out that he is a Christian, they immediately labeled him as a racist homophobe. When they found out that he and his wife took in and raised a troubled black teen decades ago, they decried that he isn’t in any current family photos. Michael, who is now 40 and has a family of his own, is doing just fine, no thanks to Democrats, and he’s happy being a successful man without the burden of tokenism the Left wants to inflict upon him. This, of course, made Democrats hate Speaker Johnson even more, which kinda makes the rest of us like him.


Johnson Elected Speaker of the House, Ending Weeks of Chaos

What’s Up With Speaker Mike Johnson’s Black Son?




As if it weren’t dystopian enough to see mobs of college students throughout the US calling for the extermination of the Jews, The New York Times hired an actual Hitler worshiper to cover the war in Israel.

No. I solemnly swear I am not making this up.

‘How great you are, Hitler,’ posts journalist rehired by the New York Times

NYT rehires Hitler-praising Soliman Hijjy to cover Israel-Hamas war



In other news you won’t see on the mainstream: Pharma god Pfizer, which literally made billions as the Biden totalitarian regime force-injected government employees and armed service members with vaccines that didn’t vaccinate against anything, used a combination of delayed reporting and outright coverups to hide the fact that test subjects who got their jab sustained near FOUR TIMES more cardiac deaths than the general population. According to the International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice, and Research, your tax dollars paid for the corporate darling to cover up nearly 80% of the deaths caused by their product, and that was just during testing. This reporter wonders how many they’re covering up for now.


Forensic Analysis of  the 38 Subject Deaths in the 6-Month Interim Report of  the Pfizer/BioNTech BNT162b2 mRNA Vaccine Clinical Trial

How Pfizer Hid Nearly 80% of COVID Vaccine Trial Deaths From Regulators

Pfizer Hid Almost 80% Of Covid Vaccine Trial Deaths From Regulators



The state of Oregon has learned that its students are so dumb that they can’t read, write, or do basic math, so they voted unanimously that learning how to do so will no longer be required to graduate … because now it’s racist to actually learn anything at all.

Oregon removes writing, reading, and math mastery from high school graduation requirements



Even though presidential candidate RFK has had his life threatened multiple times, the Marxist weaponized DOJ still refuse him the Secret Service protection afforded to all other candidates, including the Cabbage in Chief’s former boss, Obama — because, if there’s one thing the USA can count on, it’s the CIA gunning for a Kennedy.



For CCW News, this has been Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening.

I’m Chuck U. Farley.

Good night, and may God help us.

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Matthew Perry

Richard Mull

Richard Roundtree

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Here’s Why Cher Is Ready To ‘Leave’ the United States if Donald Trump Is Re-Elected as the President

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This is a joint presentation of Weird and Wonderful and Florida Man!

Florida Man Olympics

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A kick to the…hey now!

L.L. Bean Bootmobile meets Planters Nutmobile in corporate crossover


When fake news gets real

Mice spotted scurrying across hotel room during Nurse Blake’s interview with WGN


Goodwill towrds men?

Goodwill evacuated after live ‘cluster bomblet’ found among donations



Drought in Brazil’s Amazon reveals ancient engravings


OK, then.

You’ve been blowing your nose all wrong – here’s how doctors say you SHOULD do it

More wonderful than weird

Dogs Find Joy ‘For the First Time’ After Rescue From Horrendous Conditions


Hero of thwe Week

Employee at Lexington Wendy’s saves customer’s life using CPR


Hope for the future

14-yr-old Virginia boy earns major prize, accolades for creating cancer-fighting soap

This is Why we Can’t Have Nice things

Nothing to see here…

A victim of Jeffrey Epstein, she testified against Ghislaine Maxwell. Now she’s dead


I scream. you scream…

Man found sleeping inside ceiling of convenience store giving shop owners fright


State trooper faces charges of assaulting ex-girlfriend and improperly having her committed


Sounds like a lot of  bull

Tanks of cattle semen stolen near Clogher


“But you don’t see the good side of it…”

19-year-old admits he’s the guy seen sucker-punching people at Houston-area park


‘Killer clown’ stalking village weeks before Halloween leaving residents terrified


Florida Man

Actual Florida Man

Naked, greased-up Florida man accused of breaking into 2 homes, jumping in pool

Salt Lake City – but honorary Florida Man

Man used machete on skateboarder he thought was a fish

News of the Wonderfuller


Dog of War Finds Loving New Home After Cheating Death Twice in Ukraine Devastation, Thanks to British Charity