Interviews to the MAX: George Stephanopoulos

Interviews to the MAX: George Stephanopoulos

Max begins the year with an interview of one of his mentors. Sort of.

Impeach him harder

Impeach Him Harder!

Welcome to the show.

While Melanie mends from recent surgery, we bring on our friend Nick Pierce as a co-host! He hosts “Are You Ready” and “Barefoot United” on Spreaker every Friday night at 7 Pacific-check him out!

Welcome to the New Abnormal

A beautiful story worthy of old Vegas:

Reddit, Gamestop, and hedge funds

HR 127-bad news for gun owners!

I can’t stop crying.

WHO holds info until after His Rambling Snifftest is installed

4 masks. No, really.

They honestly believe we’re morons

Flu Is Now ‘Almost Completely Wiped Out’, Experts Say

U.S. intelligence officials say Chinese government is collecting Americans’ DNA

Did he or didn’t he?

Interviews to the Max

Max’s surprise birthday interview for Dad goes wrong, and yet Max makes it right (as usual).

News of the Weird and wonderful

‘Doctor Doolittle’ returned to Canadian library was 82 years overdue

The AOC Store

Selling you stuff, because, like, capitalism’s bad!

Florida Man

A Florida Man who did nothing wrong, but still is an example of our broken system.

Boca man bids farewell to $2M comic book collection after it was stolen, then recovered

What’s worse, being ‘lame’ or being locked up?

Sports Update

The result of a recent ruling by the Dodder-er in Chief.

Wine of the Week










Robert Akiyoshi has never disappointed us. His 2019 Red Blend is one of the mellowest and balanced blends we have encountered. This versatile wine can be enjoyed before, during, and after dinner.

Weak One of Biden

Weak One

Welcome to the Show.

We share some of the great things going on in the world for the majority of this podcast, but let’s face it…we need to address the disaster that is Joseph Biden. Not the presidency per se, but just this ambling, shambling human wreck sitting in the Oval Office, being led around by handlers and operatives. He has already shown massive contempt for the armed forces of this great country. He has given much of our hard earned sovereignty back to foreign interests. And on and on…Jim goes on an appropriate rant. (Editor’s Note: Throughout the  podcast Jim mistakenly refers to Biden as Joseph D Biden. His real middle initial is R, as in Robotic, Retarded, Reactionary, Repugnant, and of course,….REALLY? Jim apologizes for the mistake.)

Before we get to the Weak One, let’s recap some of the Trump administration accomplishments


News of the Weird & Wonderful

Car thief returns, scolds owner for leaving her child in the vehicle, Oregon cops say


This is funny, both for the moron in the story and for how poorly this story is written

Man shot in Pictou County during botched attempt to euthanize dog


Haggis launched into space for first time soaring four times the height of Mount Everest to celebrate Burns Night


Irish girl to be reunited with her Gaelic football found in Wales after being lost at sea


Geologist Finds Rare Formation Inside Rock That Looks Exactly Like Cookie Monster on Sesame Street


For the first time in more than 80 years, salmon spawning in the upper Columbia River


I guess this is a big, fat, hairy deal?

Air Force to allow longer braids, ponytails, bangs for women


Volunteers Remove 9,200-lbs. of Trash From One of the Dirtiest Rivers in the US


TikTok Users Rallied to Design a Better Pill Bottle for People With Parkinson’s


Mom’s Mistakes Leads to Good Kids Who Focus on Others


Tribe in Panama Wins Landmark Case Granting Them Stewardship of 400,000 Acres of Pristine Ancestral Forests


He Thought it was a Kitten Lost in the Snow


There Are 300 Million Potentially Habitable Planets in the Milky Way, NASA Reports


Seagrass Balls Filter Millions of Plastic Particles From Water, Says New Study


When a Student Couldn’t Pay Tuition Fees, Prison Inmates Rallied to Raise $32k to Help


Cat Was Thought to be a Goner in California Mudslides

The Poetry Corner Poetry Slam

Wolf Zygote is joined by two familiar faces. Video coming soon!

Holy Crap, This is For Real

Chuck U. Farley returns with real, real, REALLY real stuff actually happening. For real. Really.

Welcome to the New Abnormal

Imagine being so vindictive that you lock yourself out of your new home.

Video Shows Biden Locked Out Of White House After Firing Trump’s Butler

Who is dis guy?


Why Are Republicans Mispronouncing Kamaltoe’s Name? Racism.


Mask mandate is now federal. Unless you’re a Biden


Let’s play a new game: cast of Worthington Heights reboot or Antifa arrest?


Twitter Profited from Child Porn, Refused to Take it Down Until Feds Got Involved


This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Why no more after show walkies? Periscope shutting down


Katie Couric talks herself out of the running for JEOPARDY host gig


Whine of the Weak

McKinley Springs 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon Horse Heaven HillsMcKinley Springs 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon Horse Heaven Hills…Meh.









Joe Biden wins

Joe Biden’s Inauguration

Commander in Theif

Commander in Thief

“My mother always used to say, “The older you get, the better you get. Unless you’re a banana.” – Betty White (turns 99 today)

Happy birthday to James Earl Jones, as well!

News of the Weird & Wonderful

Betty White says she will spend her 99th birthday feeding two ducks who visit her “every day”


Dog stolen last summer finally reunited with owners in tear-jerking footage


Christmas is an attitude: Florida man becomes ‘Elf On The Shelf’ to spark joy amid the pandemic


Two officers push unconscious teen driver to safety in ‘miracle’ rescue


The Last Known Swinhoe’s Turtle on Earth Was Alone Until This Female Was Found – Researchers Hope for Babies


Deer rescued with head stuck in bird feeder


Man who forgot Bitcoin password accepts fate


Stunning Heart-Shaped Amethyst Geode Discovered by Miners in Uruguay – And it’s Now For Sale


These Women Have Been Penpals for 70 Years, Forging a True Friendship From 10,000 Miles Away


Jogger Smashes Ice To Rescue Dog, Then Continues His Run


The Shopping Cart Theory


Man On A Walk Shares The Hilarious Sign Someone Posted About Their Cat


Our Newest Sponsor

Pelosi Gourmet Ice Cream!

Welcome to the New Abnormal

Brian Stelter interviews a techno-fascist

Store guard charged after dragging customer out of Manassas Chipotle

When they do it, it’s the norm. When it goes the other way, it’s news

‘Biden Voters Keep Out’: Cigar Shop Owner Puts Shocking, Divisive Political Sign In Store Window

He’ll be online soon – order some cigars!

Well, they’ve already kicked off all Trump supporters, Republicans, and Independents – who’s left?

Facebook sees increase in calls for violence 


Joe’s Inauguration

Our newest sketch predicts a strange outcome.


News that is Actually Happening

Chuck U Farley presents Very Ironic Things.


This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Phil Spector Dead…meh…


Muh Fake Rona

Peer Reviewed Study Shows COVID Lockdowns Have No Benefits Compared to Voluntary Measures


R.I.: Doctor deliberately exposed staff, patients to virus


Armed intruder bursts into dogs’ shelter with bizarre request to owners


Absolutely NO evidence

Woman Arrested For Alleged Election Fraud, Illegal Voting In Texas

Deadly Capitol raid would have still happened without Parler — but not without Facebook


Wine of the Week

14 Hands wines have always found favor in our household, and this one we tried for the first time tonight is no exception. This robust red blend kicks things off with aromas of spice and cedar, leading to flavors of cola and cherry. A lighter oak regimen shows off the wine’s unique characteristics, including lively acidity and a dramatic enduring finish.