The Joker

Let’s talk about Jokers

Our guest host is speaker, actress, and humorist Carolyn Pelletier. She be talks about an upcoming event that benefits seniors here in Las Vegas. We be talk about the Joker movie and the Press’s insanity around it, have a special memorial for Elijah Cummings, Beto’s latest campaign ad, and Max interviews a Guardian Journalist.


Climate change and hate symbols

CCW discusses the ADL’s idea of “hate” symbols, Max interviews Greta Thunberg, Jim does poetry slam, plus News of the Weird & Wonderful, the antics of @Floridaman, Dog Abby, and more!


We are not #FakeNews!

CCW goes over what the NYT has screwed up lately, how the impeachment hearings are going, strange news from Florida, and Abby answers a letter about how to make new friends.


Playing the Name Game

Will Starbucks ever get it together? Now they’re using their cups as a passive-aggressive comeback for customers. Max interviews Laurence O’Donnell, and we interview video poker pro Bob Dancer. Abby answers a letter about species-ism and we dive deep into a court case about pronouns.

William Manzanares on CCW Radio!

I Can’t Read

Tonight’s guest is William Manzanares, literacy advocate, active member of the Puyallup tribe, and author of “I Can’t Read.”

Tinfoil hats

Death of a Schmuck, and the Point of Personal Privilege Pinhead Parade

We discuss what happened with Epstein (and Agent Orange’s involvement). We make fun of the DSA convention, and Dog Abby is back!