Mother's Day pets

Mother’s Day 2021

While Mélanie gets spoiled by all her furry kids, we’ll go over some extra-special mothering with News of the Weird and Wonderful, Chuck’s weekly news update, and a few surprises!

Dentures wearing a facemask

The Whole Tooth!

Tonight we have a maiden voyage with dentures, Max dabbles further into Shakespeare, Frank Sinatra pays us a visit, Abby answers a letter, and we’ll have a whole episode of Florida Woman. All this plus the wine of the week, News of the Weird and Wonderful, and Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening with Chuck U. Farley!

Golden Retriever and her cats

Happy Birthday, Abby!

It’s our spokesdog Abby’s birthday – she’s 14 in Golden Retriever years and 90 in people years! Going strong!

UFOs flying over city

Off-world vehicles, racists, & voter fraud

We will be all over the place tonight, just like the rest of the world. Max interviews a scientist who could save the planet, Abby answers a letter about babbling, and Bill O’Reitz makes an appearance to help a Covid-19 couple.


Memorial Day with Mary

Tonight’s cohost is one of our favorite people in the whole world – Mary Tuomey – the badass ballerina herself! We’ll talk about Memorial Day, Abby gives some great advice, Biden runs his newest ad, and The Ginger gives a commencement speech.


Are We There Yet?

Yet more updates on the Coronavirus, we poke some fun at the craziness of quarantine, Phrytzie interviews Nevada Governor Sisolak, and Joe Biden announces his running mate.