Playing the Name Game

Will Starbucks ever get it together? Now they’re using their cups as a passive-aggressive comeback for customers. Max interviews Laurence O’Donnell, and we interview video poker pro Bob Dancer. Abby answers a letter about species-ism and we dive deep into a court case about pronouns.


Maiden voyage on our new platform!

The CCW crew has moved on to a slick new platform, and the changes, they are a’coming! Celebrating the start of our third year, we’ve added new segments, bigger guests, and more fun! Tonight, Max interviewed presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, Phrytzie interviewed The Squad, and Abby answered a tough letter with her usual grace. We had a fast food edition of Florida Man, and the Ginger Snapped over Berkley’s new word policing.

Shea Lindley on CCW Radio

Drinking, Democrats, and Brother-Cousins

Shea Lindley shares his unique brand of humor and music, we celebrate the birth of our nation, and we make fun of the Democrats, who had a terrible week. Abby answers a question about family fighting over a will, and we read letters that both our cats received from major news networks.

Clowns are taking over the world

Upside-down clown world

Jim & Mélanie talk about Clown World, Agent Orange saves the world from 4-chan, Phrytzie & Max try some Shakespeare, and we get a peek into the 2020 DNC debates


The Big Fan Edition!

The fans take over the show. Not those kind…the giant, loud, carpet-drying kind. Jim finally gets his typewriter. Mélanie discusses how Pride fits into the Gospel (according to her). We give the pets the night off.


A show fit for a typewriter

Jim really, really wants a typewriter. An old one, like manual and needs paper and ribbon. No…really… Phrytzie interviews Robert Mueller. Abby answers a letter from a fed-up Army wife.