CCW plays with identity politics

We dive into the pit of political asshattery — too much to list this week! We share some feel-good and WTF stories from around the world. Then, we dive even deeper into the pit of identity politics.
We’re fearless (stupid), and this is a show you won’t want to miss (since we’ll be knocked off the interwebs immediately after).

bull in a china shop

That’s why we can’t have nice things

We have plenty of stories of our world gone amok, but don’t worry — we also have plenty of News of the Weird and Wonderful. Max will interview Fredo…uh…Cuomo about phoning his mommy, and Abby will answer some tough advice about how to handle Thanksgiving with the family. Join us in the live chat!


Wrinkles & Whiskers

We talk about seeing the new Terminator movie, Mélanie getting another year older, and dreams of puppies.

Beto O'Rourke

Bye Bye Beto

We tell the story of the squee; learn the real reason Beto left the race; and talk about the infamous dog meme. We’ll visit the set of the new game show, “Implosion,” and visit Clownworld.
Of course, we have plenty of Political Asshattery, News of the Weird & Wonderful, This is Why we Can’t Have Nice Things, and the escapades of Florida Man!


Reunions and NaNoWriMo

Jim meets up with a Marine buddy, we talk NaNoWriMo, we talk about the Isis take-down, Sherif Israel’s take-down, public schools going down, and Mitt Romney on the low-down.


Climate change and hate symbols

CCW discusses the ADL’s idea of “hate” symbols, Max interviews Greta Thunberg, Jim does poetry slam, plus News of the Weird & Wonderful, the antics of @Floridaman, Dog Abby, and more!