Holy Crap St. Paddy 2021

Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening St. Patrick’s Edition — CCW News 03-21-2021

Don Lemon declares himself Pope, Drag Queen Storytime lives up to its name, the Washington Post quietly corrects its fake news (but no other outlet does), we’re too pure for Epstein, segregation is back in, Biden waves in invaders, Prince Harry’s gotta pay his own bills, the POTUS is a laughing stock world-wide, Orange Man still bad.

Golden Retriever and her cats

Happy Birthday, Abby!

It’s our spokesdog Abby’s birthday – she’s 14 in Golden Retriever years and 90 in people years! Going strong!

Holy Crap headlines Pi Day

Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening Pie Day — CCW News 03-14-2021

More crybullying over the non-surrection, Biden uses Syria as a shiny object, man bites wife who bites dog who bites the Secret Service. Jenn Psaki does what Jenn Psaki does, which is literally nothing. (We mean literally in the literal sense, not what Dictionary.com has changed it to.)


Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening — CCW News 02-28-2021

Greg Kelly picks on the presidential pooch. Biden says that blacks can’t figure out the internet. Kids are not in cages, just barred trailers. The Covid relief package faces turmoil in voting. Gov. Cuomo is punished (rewarded) by no longer having to talk to his brother.

AOC Almost Died

AOC Almost DIED!

AOC tells of her harrowing experience with very scary things.

Biden's Virtual Conference

Biden’s Virtual Conference

Based on what actually happened, this is Biden’s Virtual Conference done CCW style