Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening — Feinstein, Fetterman, and Fools Edition, June 6, 2023

Desantis announcement goes…uh… AOC’s parody breaks AOC, then her cow farts break Ireland. Nellis cancels drag but not Pride. Dominion CEO whines to the Times. YouTube is pretending that free speach is allowed. Biden goes boom. A.I. does law. Feinstein never left; Fetterman never arrived. Singing in public is unpatriotic. Avoid Vegas at all costs.


Common cents

Tonight we tell the tragic tale of the Cashier from Heck! We also have Chuck with Holy Crap, News of the Weird and Wonderful, a very special Ginger Snaps (let’s face it, when AREN’T they special?), and so much more.


Ministry of Truth

Lots of fun stories tonight, but of course we have to talk about King Brandon’s continued tyranny and Twitters spazmatic reaction to the concept of free speech. We have a new episode of CALLED IT and a another story about why other countries justifiably hate Americans.


Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening – CCW News September 19, 2021

The J6 rally was a dry nothingburger. Professional parasite AOC embarrasses herself in Chick-fil-A bag made by a tax dodger. Gavin Newsome holds his throne. Go to SF to get paid to not shoot, or go to Chicago to get sued if you do. The tolerant Left loves slave labor and homeless camps under bridges. Milley proudly commits treason and the Harris-Biden regime couldn’t be prouder.

Five year anniversary

5th Anniversary & last cast from Las Vegas

Tonight we give one last performance in fabulous Las Vegas while simultaneously celebrating five years doing the show. There will be stories. Scary ones!

Cat in facemask

Rick Rolled

Tonight, we have a jam-packed show as we look at inventive ways to catch a crook, getting the C-jab Vegas-style, and the New Big-5. Later, we check in on Agent Orange’s latest debacle, are introduced to the Coronary mob boss and his second in charge, Barnzini, and catch up with the latest nonsense that is the real world.