Black Pilled

Melanie is pretty black pilled about the fall of the Republic at the hand of fascists who pretend they’re Democrats, but Jim is still optimistic that we can vote the bums out. We poke fun at washed up actor De Niro and insane real estate agents, plus lots of news of the Weird, Wonderful, and Wicked.


7th Annual Father’s Day Special – with guest Dan Biegler

Tonight, we interview the wonderful Dan Biegler about his book, THROUGH FIELDS AND FIRE, chronicling his spiritual journey from his youth, to his participation in Operation Desert Storm, and beyond. We will also see if Max follows through on his promise not to hijack the show for Father’s Day as we share News of the Weird and Wonderful, current events, and more.


Daylight Saving Crime

Out of the darkness of winter and into the darkness of daylight savings, we bring you a show packed with good stories, current events, and a possible surprise interview with two well-known liars. This is a show you won’t want to miss!


Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening — March 6, 2022

The Queen is quite amused. The WEF somehow manages to get even creepier. All of media is conspiring to assist Putin, and they can still get Happy Meals! Dear Leader Brandon warns us against fallout while still buying Russian oil.

Poetry Corner - Biden Buyers Remorse

Poetry Corner — Biden Buyer’s Remorse

Consummate Biden supporter Wolf Zygote has a few regrets. Tune in for the coolest of the cool cats to learn why.

Biden mixed up

Totally NOT Propaganda!

Tonight we’ll talk about the utter nonsense that is our government, 2A, a little 1A, pillow fights, bad cops, a peek into the wedding plans of Agent Orange, some Shakespeare, and maybe some Florida Man!