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Tonight on CounterCultureWISE, we’ll discuss how we felt about the movie that they’re trying to turn into a conspiracy theory. All that, plus, news of the weird, wonderful, and new abnormal.


Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening – CCW News September 12, 2021

Jason McElyea plays with fake news and wins. Our government feels that McDonald’s soft serve is more important than anything. Liberals despise children, especially live ones, but that’s OK, because Biden has a fresh supply. Afghanistan was a rousing success, if you redefine the word to mean “failure.” The Rise of Biden…er…Sith…er…Socialism is complete. Embrace the dark side.

Holy Crap this is Actually Happening headlines

Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening – CCW News Memorial Day, 2021

Biden panders to both Korea and China, wages more wars foreign and domestic, and ruins the economy — but, hey! Ice Cream! It’s not THAT you deliver any news, it’s what you look like while doing it. The Border Czar czisn’t. BLM founder outs herself as racist. John Cena begs the CCP to use lube next time, Zuckerberg has their baby. Kellogg starts using more than just sugar to prey on children, meanwhile Biden literally traffics them. Fauci proves Alex Jones right yet again.