Keep Calm — Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening!

The Queen is dead; long live the vicious bluechecks (not). Machetes over bullets, as long as it’s not racist. Got the guy…never mind… BOA starts another program that’s DOA. Visa helps out with the unconstitutional gun registry. DC becomes a border town – wah. Democrats are “fortifying” another election.


Prudent Investments Edition — Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening!

Dear Leader fistbumps his way through an apology tour. Gavin Newsome cops a feel on the Whitehouse. Blackface Trudeau visits a cartoon barber. Pelosi is corrupt…but that’s not news…. King Brandon explodes on reporters…because he’s not news… New York is bracing for the aftermath of Biden’s foreign policies.

Schrodinger's President-elect

Schrödinger’s President-Elect

Lots of miscounts, cheating, tossing of military ballots, and smug liberal poor-sportedness, we still don’t really have a 2021 president. Let’s laugh at all this tomfoolery.