Tuck and Cover

We’ll talk about the fake news shakedown, a wheezing old man’s run for re-election, and the loss of Jerry Springer, plus News of the Weird & Wonderful, a special interview to the Max, and a bonus round of Florida Man!


Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening — Nuclear Witch Hunt Edition, February 2023

Tiger does a misogyny and CNN ain’t having it. An actual witch is witch hunting Trump. Kamala hates us but adores her busses and circles. Wikkiwikki leaves ScrewTube. Don Lemon gets squeezed. The Biden family is full of criminals, surprise surprise. King Brandon hand-delivered our money to Ukraine while avoiding disasters at home. Trump trumps Biden’s domestic aid.

Holy Crap May 23

Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening – CCW News May 23, 2021

Democrats prove voting machines are not tamper proof, Epstein’s guards were totally not paid off, the Army goes full Disney, Don Lemon makes clickbait, Chrissy Teigen swallows some of her own medicine, Queen Nancy overrules the CDC, Biden on Tinder, Biden on standup, Biden on Russian pipelines.

Holy Crap St. Paddy 2021

Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening St. Patrick’s Edition — CCW News 03-21-2021

Don Lemon declares himself Pope, Drag Queen Storytime lives up to its name, the Washington Post quietly corrects its fake news (but no other outlet does), we’re too pure for Epstein, segregation is back in, Biden waves in invaders, Prince Harry’s gotta pay his own bills, the POTUS is a laughing stock world-wide, Orange Man still bad.