Orange is the New Black

Tonight we’ll talk about the latest Moon landing, the legend that was Bob Barker, and Joe’s bumblings on Maui. All this, plus, news of the weird, wonderful, and wicked. And, if you play nice, some Florida Man!

Cat with blue bird feather in his mouth


The bird is free, and — oh, it will be so much fun! We’ll discuss the Twitter takeover and how the employees are generating enough salt for margaritas. we’ve got a ‘rona check in for colormesurprisedDOTcom. Lots of news of the weird and wonderful, we’ll make fun of the new woke Army, and pay a visit to Florida Man!


The Show that Almost Wasn’t

Neither sleet nor snow nor knife-sliced cables will keep us away from our mics! Tune in for mayhem and mishaps as we regale you with tales of sabotage, foreign affairs, and getting old 80’s style. We’ll have plenty of weird and wonderful news, plus a goodbye to a great drummer.

Holy Crap St. Paddy 2021

Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening St. Patrick’s Edition — CCW News 03-21-2021

Don Lemon declares himself Pope, Drag Queen Storytime lives up to its name, the Washington Post quietly corrects its fake news (but no other outlet does), we’re too pure for Epstein, segregation is back in, Biden waves in invaders, Prince Harry’s gotta pay his own bills, the POTUS is a laughing stock world-wide, Orange Man still bad.

The Biden News Network

This is BNN

We sing the praises of the absolutely freely and fairly elected POTUS with a nod to how the mainstream media is reporting on him in the most honest and totally not fake way. Plus an update on recent events, News of the Weird & Wonderful, and maybe a rant or two.

Holy Crap Valentine's Day

Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening — CCW News 02-14-2021

Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening — CCW News 02-14-2021 The Impeachening – and all things cancel culture – which is stupid, but we repeat ourselves.