Holy Crap, this is Actually Happening – Big Distractions Edition

SCOTUS is on fire, and so are most cities. Eric Adams hates motorcycles. Things were actually worse in Uvalde than we imagined. Go woke, get eaten by dinosaurs. Lefties are still trying to create a past insurrection while simultaneously engaging in a current one. All of this, of course, is a big distraction from Ghilsaine Maxwell not Epsteining herself.
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Wazzup with the Olympics? NYC mayor Eric Adams foists a disgusting diet on kids that even he won’t follow. If you make enough billions, you can do anything to anyone any time. Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau has gone full on fascist, just like daddy. Australia finally wakes up. Biden’s crack pipe debunking debunked. Get out of Ukraine now — easiest way is through the US southern border.

School's out for summer

School’s Out (of its mind)

Tonight we have several stories involving the end of the school year, teacher’s unions, and oddball education-related stories. Chuck will fill us in with the weekly news, and we’ll pay a visit to the honorable Florida Man.

Holy Crap this is Actually Happening, Presidents Day 2021

Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening – Presidents Day

The Press worships King Biden for his swashbuckling pen, support of genocide, and of carrying folders; Fulton County fires the most perfect election director of all time, congress worries about where to bury Trump, NYC will be saved by the arts, LA shows its glee at shutting down businesses, and Texas is in frigid water