Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening — Cinco de Mayday Edition, May 8, 2024

Pro-Hamas protestors need more brown people, apparently, but at least they’re not xenophobic like most of the East, according to the Cabbage in Chief. Thomas Massie dodges Ukrainian flags on the floor, but might still go to jail for reading the Bible. Biden continues his election meddling, though it seems to be melting like his face. Still, he struggles to maintain eye contact with the plebs. The US absolutely, positively has no boots on the ground in Gaza (wink).

UFOs flying over city

Off-world vehicles, racists, & voter fraud

We will be all over the place tonight, just like the rest of the world. Max interviews a scientist who could save the planet, Abby answers a letter about babbling, and Bill O’Reitz makes an appearance to help a Covid-19 couple.


Mazel Tav Cocktails all around!

Who’s telling the truth, who’s lying, and whose mess are we in? Tonight we go over (and make fun of) it all. Tune in for two new spoofs!