Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening — Disincentivized Independence Edition, July, 2023

The Supreme Court is on a roll. Dems are breaking their own laws to try to find a law that Trump broke. NYC mayor traffics in humans and soon-to-be bad pizza, then insults Holocaust survivors. Canada still doesn’t want its geese back; sets fire to France. Zelenskyy withholds democracy in the name of protecting democracy.


It’s OK to be Orange

Tonight we review what went down with Scott Adams, besides his readership. Aaliyah reports on the Ohio train wreck, Chuck gives us Holy Crap, and we continue one of the most important interviews we have ever done, “COVID In Review with Naresh Vissa, Part Two”


This is Fine.

Tonight, Karen gets schooled by a coach, CCW Labs presents their newest product, and a modern chess match goes…about the way you would expect it to these days. Plus, as always, News of the Weird and Wonderful, Holy Crap This is Actually Happening, and so, so much more


Keep Calm & Never Forget

Tonight we will celebrate the life of the Queen, and remember one of the worst events in US history — one of the ACTUAL worst events, not hysterical rantings that this divisive disgrace of a “president” can’t shut up about.

bread, wine, and pinwheels

Bread, Wine, & Pinwheels

It’s not just our shopping list, it is our way of life. Tune in for more News of the Weird and Wonderful, an update from Chuck U. Farley, and lots of laughs at (P)resident Biden’s expense.

The Biden News Network

This is BNN

We sing the praises of the absolutely freely and fairly elected POTUS with a nod to how the mainstream media is reporting on him in the most honest and totally not fake way. Plus an update on recent events, News of the Weird & Wonderful, and maybe a rant or two.