Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening — Aloha Snackbar Edition, October 22, 2023

We still don’t have a speaker, and nobody cares. Hamas needs to be wiped from the planet but dumb college students disagree. Tlaib and BLM are terrorists, but you’ll be arrested for pointing that out (we’re certainly shadow banned for that). The Cabbage in Chief’s handlers want more and more and more and more and more. Screw 1A, 2A, and any other A that get in the way. Meanwhile, Russia has employed dolphins and Biden’s face is a phallus.

AOC Almost Died

AOC Almost DIED!

AOC tells of her harrowing experience with very scary things.

UFOs flying over city

Off-world vehicles, racists, & voter fraud

We will be all over the place tonight, just like the rest of the world. Max interviews a scientist who could save the planet, Abby answers a letter about babbling, and Bill O’Reitz makes an appearance to help a Covid-19 couple.


The Soyviet Union aka CHAZistan

Tonight we’ll celebrate our old home town — Seattle. Well…sort of. We’ll wish the POTUS happy birthday, and we’ll make fun of the rest of the world, too.


Mazel Tav Cocktails all around!

Who’s telling the truth, who’s lying, and whose mess are we in? Tonight we go over (and make fun of) it all. Tune in for two new spoofs!