Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening — Not so Civil War Edition, August 27, 2023

Trump’s mugshot breaks the internet, possibly the world. Biden’s banana republic tries to take out Musk, too. Oh, and heeeeere’s lockdowns! Just in time for election interference, like the indictments weren’t enough. Biden disgraces the mainland in Maui simply by being himself. DeSantis goes full Hillary. We have an alcohol czar. No…really. Prigozhin’s totally not being tortured by the Kremlin. Totally.


Mothers ROCK!

Tonight, we talk about Donald Trump’s mother of a town hall, A couple of cases of bad mothering, and some Mother Freaking Wonderful Stories. Plus, a Tale of Modern (Mothering) Horror, New Abnormal, and tons more!


Holy Crap, This is Actually Happening – CCW News September 12, 2021

Jason McElyea plays with fake news and wins. Our government feels that McDonald’s soft serve is more important than anything. Liberals despise children, especially live ones, but that’s OK, because Biden has a fresh supply. Afghanistan was a rousing success, if you redefine the word to mean “failure.” The Rise of Biden…er…Sith…er…Socialism is complete. Embrace the dark side.

America in distress

Helena Handbasket

Seriously? What is wrong with you people? I’m talking to YOU! Tune in for a new Poetry Corner, some hot takes, a goofy ad or two, and the consummate Florida Man.


In the Year 2021 (song parody)

Happy New Year! Sorta. In this song parody of In the Year 2525, we go over what’s coming up in 2021

Schrodinger's President-elect

Schrödinger’s President-Elect

Lots of miscounts, cheating, tossing of military ballots, and smug liberal poor-sportedness, we still don’t really have a 2021 president. Let’s laugh at all this tomfoolery.