Aliens & Barbie

This week is chock full of nutty goodness with a new Interview to the Max, a song parody, talk of aliens and Barbie, and a visit from Florida Man! All that, plus, news of the weird, wonderful, and new abnormal.


What else is on?

There seems to be a ball game on again or something, but here at CCW, we have way more interesting things to talk about. Of course, our new field reporter, Aaliyah, will report on the Stupid Bowl – but we’ll also have the inside report on the State of the Union and News of the Weird and Wonderful. This is better than super, even better than the Puppy Bowl!

UFOs flying over city

Off-world vehicles, racists, & voter fraud

We will be all over the place tonight, just like the rest of the world. Max interviews a scientist who could save the planet, Abby answers a letter about babbling, and Bill O’Reitz makes an appearance to help a Covid-19 couple.