The Freezer Saga, plus Marnye Moore!

Tonight we have a great interview with Marnye Moore you won’t want to miss. Plus Chuck gives us Holy Crap, and we give you multiple reasons why we can’t have nice things. And you will not want to miss the Saga of the Freezer.


Birthdays and Vets

Tonight we celebrate cohost Mélanie Hope’s birthday (not saying which one), as well as those who have served our nation in honor of Veteran’s Day. Max has a special treat for our listeners, and we share what commercials we WON’T do. Jim will be live and in-person for a health update. Of course, there will be News of the Weird and Wonderful and those crazy, wacky current events!

The CCW crew celebrate the incoming year

What went RIGHT in 2020

With so much bad news in your face, you may not know that 2020 was actually an AMAZING year. In our annual New Year’s Eve program, CCW spends the entire show discussing news of world improvements, scientific wonders, and good people. Tune in live or find our show on every podcast platform!

Striped kitty with sparklers

God Bless America

Tonight we have — as Phrytzie would say — a whooooooole lot of good things to talk about. We also have some crazy things. We make fun of it all. Happy Independence Day!


DeploraPalooza! with Charlie Bebus

Our special guest this week is Charlie Bebus, the organizer of Deplorapalooza.


Pups, Prisoners, & Patriots

After discussing an amazing program called Pups Prisoners & Patriots on one of our shows, we begged the Those Left Behind Foundation team to be our special Valentine for this week’s show. We’ll have a sweet time with News of the Weird and Wonderful, a Dog Abby about adoption, and plenty of feel-good pet stories.