Gender reveal


Tonight we talk about disastrous gender reveal parities; fun and amazing people; the weirdness that is the “new normal”; and watermelon appletinis! Chuck fills us in on the week’s news, we have a new sponsor, and lots of other goodies.

bread, wine, and pinwheels

Bread, Wine, & Pinwheels

It’s not just our shopping list, it is our way of life. Tune in for more News of the Weird and Wonderful, an update from Chuck U. Farley, and lots of laughs at (P)resident Biden’s expense.

The CCW crew celebrate the incoming year

What went RIGHT in 2020

With so much bad news in your face, you may not know that 2020 was actually an AMAZING year. In our annual New Year’s Eve program, CCW spends the entire show discussing news of world improvements, scientific wonders, and good people. Tune in live or find our show on every podcast platform!

A Platefull

Christmas with A Platefull

Taking third mic is Sofia Kantola, founder of a Platefull food bank in Washington State. Learn more about how you can help hungry families weather the pandemic. We’ll have the CCP check-in, plenty of News of the Weird and Wonderful, and perhaps a Christmas surprise.


The Return of Dan Flanigan!

Prolific detective novelist Flanigan is our guest this week, along with the regular cast of favorites. We’ll talk about the totally not at all contested election, certain events that are happening globally, and other things that will get our podcast removed from all the totally not-biased & not-owned-by-China big tech sites.
Stay tuned for our all-Biden ad reels!

Fake News Network

Project Ferret Toss part 2

New revelations about CNN (that aren’t really revelations) have been posted. There’s still not actual, legal, president elect, and we’re all going to very much NOT die of Covid, but that’s not what they’ll tell you.