Triggered? Don't go off half-cocked.

Language warning

There will be language. Some of it may be colorful. If anything we say damages your refined sensitives and gives you the vapors, they are yours to deal with. Your hangups are not our monkeys. We have the rest of the circus to juggle.

Content warning

There will be content. Some of it may be colorful. You may disagree – and that’s OK. While we are on a station that values personal freedom, we are only one show ON that station. There are some things that other show hosts may disagree with, and we may disagree with other show hosts. Still, we can play nice. That’s freedom, baby.

One of us (cough…cough…MĂ©lanie…) may go off on a rant now and then. Buckle up, booboo, and enjoy the ride. Sometimes the only way to respond to something ridiculous is to get more ridiculous toward it. Some find her abrasive, bossy, narcissistic, even offensive. Jim finds her hilarious (which is probably why they have yet to own a waffle maker). If you don’t know her, remember this is a show and not real life. If you do know her…well…you know <wink>.

Guest warning

There will be guests. All of them will be colorful.

Be nice

We invite commentary, insights, and CIVIL disagreements. If you can’t be nice, be quiet. We lead by logic, and while emotions are valid, they don’t solve anything. At some point you must look at the reality of a situation and what you can do to change something if it needs changing.

If you want to call and vehemently disagree with one or both of us about something, please follow this common-sense advice. We will do our best to follow the same:

  1. Make sure you are actually upset about something that is REAL. Don’t bother with getting butthurt over jokes, memes, or parodies. They aren’t real.
  2. Don’t offer up ridiculous arguments over a word/definition you are not clear with. For example, if we speak out against GMOs, look up the definition if you are not sure what it is. We understand the difference between GMO and selective breeding and we are not afraid of broccoli or Chihuahuas. If we truly do cock up our understanding of something and you can educate us on our misunderstanding, you are welcome to do so. Nobody is perfect, we admit that we do not know everything, and we both love to learn.
  3. Come armed with facts and reliable sources. This does not include Saturday Night Live, the Daily Show, or the Huffington Post. Opinions are not facts. Accusations are not facts. Sound bites taken out of context are not facts. Heavily edited photos or videos are not facts.
  4. The moment you stoop to ad hominem, your argument is invalidated, your ignorance exposed, and your call (if live) will be terminated.
  5. If you write to or about us – be it here, in the chat room, on social media – we MIGHT read it on-air, and we WILL make fun of your loose arguments, poor spelling, and bad grammar. Or, we might compliment you for a well-thought-out and nicely written response, even if we disagree with your sentiments. Either route is entirely up to you.
  6. Above all, have fun. Don’t take yourself so damn seriously!